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Window Treatment Patterns

Window Treatment Patterns
Window treatment patterns are various types of designs adopted to decorate the interior of a house. They are available in a wide range for different varieties of windows.
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These patterns actually refer to the curtain designs meant for beautifying the appearance of windows. Window curtains and drapes of soothing tones made up of fine fabric look fantastic. One example is faux-painted Roman drapes. The specific needs of the windows can be easily met if you know the basics of stitching and embroidery. The ideas along with some beautiful designs will be presented to you in the following segment.

Points to Remember

Ideas are simple and in plenty; all you need to do is follow the steps one after another, and get the right product. Measurement, shapes, and embellishments are required to make it attractive. Therefore, read the points below and get a clear concept.

  • Accurate patterns will depend on how accurately you take the measurement. Over-sized curtains not fitting properly on the frames are never appealing.
  • Take the measurement with a measuring tape, and keep at least 2 inches seam allowance.
  • The drape should be double the window width so that the window is covered completely.
  • The pattern will also depend upon the shape and type of the window. Bay window treatment ideas are different from that of square, round, rectangular, slim, or small windows.
  • The shapes of laces, borders, and hangers will vary accordingly.
  • Taking measurement for bay window curtains can be a little difficult. Therefore, take assistance from a tailor.
Decorative Materials
  • The pattern of decoration depends on the placement of the window. A window facing outside doesn't require heavy embellishments, because glasses are usually opaque in that case.
  • However, gorgeous drapes hanging loose from the indoor windows beautify the interior of the house.
  • You can apply your embroidery skills in that aspect.
Draw Patterns
  • You can make a replica of your pattern to know exactly how it will appear.
  • The rough work could be done by taping several pieces of tissue papers.
  • Cut them in the same way as you are going to opt for your final one.

Designing a curtain as a part of your window treatment project shall depend on the size of your window, the interior wall colors, and the position of the window inside your house. Moreover, purchasing the right kind of drapery hardware and curtain rods are also important. These accessories must complement the fabric you have chosen for your window.

Swags and Jabots
  • Swags and jabots are meant for formal settings of the house, like the dining or living room.
  • Decorative hardware having pole swags, mounted swags, and rod swags have a traditional appeal.
  • Swags are usually lightweight fabrics available both in simple and fancy forms.
  • While draping with a swag, you have to take the measurement at least three times more than the original size of the window.
  • Hang the swag on a decorative curtain rod. This idea works well for bedrooms and patios.
  • Valances are the perfect options for small windows.
  • You can easily customize a valance, as it is not huge.
  • It is meant for rooms that do not require much privacy.
  • Take double measurement, and then hem both sides of the fabric so that it easily passes through the rod.
  • You can trim the edge, or scallop the bottom of the curtain for a fancy look.
  • Stitching additional frills or laces over the valances is also a good idea.
  • Add contrasting borders having cool themes on the curtains for an informal appeal.
Drapes and Curtains
  • Panel draperies add a professional touch to the interior of your house.
  • Take the measurement, and allow at least 10 inches for putting the headers and rod casings.
  • Hem the top and bottom of the curtain.
  • Drapes require two panels for each windows.
  • They look wonderful on fancy rods and pelmets.
  • Design the hanging part with beautiful embroidery work that will match with other window hardware.
  • You can also purchase the drapes from boutique shops that keep a grand collection of traditional pieces. Drapes form excellent shower curtains as well.
You can take help from a tailor if you face difficulty while taking the measurements. Shop for wonderful pieces of fabric from reputed upholstery outlets, and make your house look elegant. These window treatment patterns work not only for windows, but for glass doors as well. For instance, you can use different designs for sliding doors, French windows, etc.
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