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Tips on Choosing an Electric Fireplace

Tips on Choosing an Electric Fireplace
An electric fireplace is more economical than a traditional fireplace. The following article will help you choose one which is apt for your home...
Sonu S
If you want to add the charm of a fireplace to your home, but you do not have the time to maintain a traditional fireplace, then you should go for an electric fireplace. Traditional fireplaces need venting, but an electric fireplace does not require any venting. Its exteriors are not hot to touch, thus making them ideal for homes with children and pets. If you choose the right logs, then you can even make your electric fireplace look traditional.
The Interiors
For most people, the heating aspect of a fireplace comes secondary to its visual appeal. To make sure that your fireplace complements your home, you should always choose a model which blends with your decor. There is no point in buying the best fireplace in the market, if it does not suit your interiors. So, before you order a fireplace, observe the room in which you intend to install the fireplace, and visualize the type of fireplace that will suit that room.
The Room Size
This is one factor that people tend to ignore, and end up ordering a fireplace that is either too small, or to too big for their room. If your room is small (with ceiling height less than 8 feet), then the height of the mantle should not be more than 40 inches, else it will look too big for your room. If you have a very spacious room, then the mantle height should be such that the fireplace is clearly visible from every corner of the room. Your choice should be with respect to the size of your room.
The Price
You can get a good electric fireplace within $800, but if you are a person who does not hesitate in spending, then sky is the limit for you, as there are fireplaces available in the market which cost more than $2000! If you do not like the models available, you can order a customized fireplace that will be perfect for your home. It is always better to fix your budget before you go to shop.
The Shopping
Before you surf the Internet, and order the most attractive electric fireplace, you should know one thing - the fireplaces that you order online might lack quality! You do not want to spend on something that will not last long, right? In addition to this, sometimes the fireplace that gets delivered to you does not match the image of the model that you chose online. So, be careful while you shop online. I recommend you to buy from established manufactures. If you have the time, you can check out local stores which sell electric fireplaces, and you might find one which you like. Shopping from a local store will give you the opportunity to test the functionality of the fireplace, so you can ensure that there are no defects in the fireplace that you buy.
Note: Inspect the fireplace the moment it is delivered to you, and if you find any defects, report to the manufacturer at the earliest.
The best part is that you can use an electric fireplace just for its visual appeal (without using the heating facility) during the warmer times of the year. The right fireplace will surely beautify your home, and will become the focal point in your room.