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Ideas for Creating Your Own Breakfast Nook

Ideas for Creating Your Own Breakfast Nook

Breakfasts are the most important meals of the day. So why not make your breakfast nooks all the more inviting? Read this DecorDezine article for some innovative ideas.
Anuja Marathe Kanhere
Breakfast nooks had traditionally been popular seating corners in homes. Over a period of time, they faded away. However, just as all fashions tend to revert in cycles, so have breakfast nooks. They now form an indispensable part of modern homes. The popularity is rising so fast, that many patrons of this idea are looking out for specialized craftsmanship in making breakfast nooks. However, if you want to design your very own breakfast nook, then I have some popular ideas for you.

Must have Breakfast Nook Ideas

Like I said before, breakfast nooks need to be inviting as this is where you have the first meal of your day. I suggest that breakfast nooks should be set up right next to your kitchen or dining room window. Alternately, they may be set up in any room where you will feel comfortable to welcome your guests. Ideally, breakfast nooks should have a small private corner and at the same time they should be very close to the kitchen, making it easy to serve food.

Why place your breakfast nooks in some shady corner of your home? Ideally, the place should be such that some brilliant morning he 's rays come flooding in when you are seated for breakfast. In such a case, the best directions for breakfast nooks should be the east, south-east or north-east. If you are not lucky enough to get such a direction in your home, then go in for a space that is equally airy with plentiful light.

They say warm colors boost your appetite. So some of the best colors for a dining place can be in shades of yellow, red and some white. However, if you wish to use colors that contrast or complement colors with the rest of the decor, then there is no stopping you. Some of the most brilliant ideas have been created out of experimentation. If you happen to have a garden outside the window adjoining the breakfast nook, then some of the colors to use might be pastel shades of green or floral designs. You may also opt for some really appealing wallpaper for your breakfast nook.

There is no limitation when choosing the perfect furniture for a breakfast nook. Choose furniture ideas that make your breakfast nook stand out and at the same time, something that blends with the rest of the room. The breakfast nook will naturally have a breakfast table and chairs. You may divide the seating arrangement into chairs as well as cushioned seating at a bay window if your home has one. If you wish, you may add small cabinets under these bay window seats to store your breakfast dishes. In case, your breakfast nook is not positioned near a window, then you might erect a special rack behind the table to display your favorite things. E.g. If you happen to be a bookworm, then use the rack to display some of your most precious books especially coffee table books. If you have a hobby of collecting candles or crystal art, then the rack is the most ideal place for it.

It is ideal to go in for a dim lighting above the table in case you plan to use this nook in the evening as well. If your table top is made of glass, then add some lighting just below the glass top and see the effects of glowing table top. In such a case, you need to use lights that do not generate a lot of heat lest the glass feeling too warm to your arms. Also, the light should have a soft calming glow to help avoid irritation to your eyes.

Make sure to add some space for your music system at the breakfast nook. This will help you enjoy your breakfast while listening to your favorite music.

Just a plain breakfast nook is not enough. You need to add some accessories to it to make it personalized and appealing. It is important to remember that accessories for breakfast nooks differ from those at breakfast bars. Some of the most common accessories for a breakfast nook include curtains, cushions, vases, flowers, hanging flower baskets, table linen, picture frames, fruits baskets, bells, etc.

Remember, there is no fixed format for creating breakfast nook. It is ultimately supposed to be a treasured corner of your home, a place that reflects your personality and tastes. The central idea is to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere at the nook. So go ahead and experiment with as many options as you like.