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Nautical Themed Bathroom Ideas

Nautical Themed Bathroom Ideas

If you happen to be fascinated with ships and pirates, then there is no better idea for designing your bathroom than something with a nautical theme. Read this DecorDezine article to get some amazing ideas.
Anuja Marathe Kanhere
There are some of you who delight at the thought of ocean breeze, ships, sails, water sports and sea creatures. If you are not lucky enough to have a home by the sea, there is always the option to artificially create an atmosphere at home that is likely to make you happy each day. One of my personal favorite option happens to be a marine themed bathroom. Here are some of my favorite ideas...

Nautical Decorations for Bathrooms

The Color is Blue
Yes, can you think of a nautical themed bathroom in any other color but that of water?? Well, you can go in for any shades of blue color provided they match with the rest of the decor as also the natural lighting of your bathroom. Avoid dark shades of blue if you do not have sunlight directly streaming into your bathroom. My personal all-time favorite are sky blue and white colored tiles or wall paper to make the bathroom look more spacious. For those who prefer designer bathroom tiles, try to find some with designs of fish or blue dolphins on them.

You might opt for a regular bathtub in white or blue shades that complements the color chosen for the bathroom. If you are ready to loosen your purse strings a bit more, then there is the option of getting a custom-made ship shaped bathtub with sails et all. In fact, the hook where you hang the sails can double up as a bath towel holder.

Bathroom Curtains
In this case, bathroom curtains are needed not just for privacy, but they can also help you to enhance the theme effects. You may go in for bathroom curtains with designs of fish and underwater creatures, or a picture of a lighthouse in red and white stripes. There are certain stores where you can get blown up imprints of a ship's photograph on the curtain's texture. For this, you may select pictures from the internet or from your private collection.

Bathroom Window
Those who wish to create an atmosphere of a ship in their bathrooms, may also opt for modifying their bathroom windows and using porthole windows instead. These windows may be duplicated or you can opt for buying brass windows online. In case you wish to stick to your original windows, then paint them white and add a few sea weeds to your window sill. Alternately, make use of sand to plant some beach plants in a transparent glass jar. Place this jar in the window sill.

Bathroom Mirror
As far as mirrors are concerned, you might opt for a ready-made mirror in a porthole frame, or go in for something with your personal creativity. Personally, I suggest that you create an attractive mirror using conches and shells. Firstly, you need to buy a mirror of suitable size. You might have a personal collection of shells from your trips to the beaches. If not, then you might need to buy a pouch of assorted shells and conchs. All you need is a glue stick to paste the shells firmly on the border of the mirror. Let them dry thoroughly and your mirror is ready!

Accessories for Nautical Bathroom
  • If you are planning this nautical bathroom for your kid, then you might want to include a few pictures of Popeye the Sailor inside the bathroom. Alternately, make sure to include plenty of plastic ships or rubber sea creatures as bathtub toys.
  • You may opt to hang some funny pictures of pirates or a few pictures of ships on the bathroom walls.
  • To get an extra effect of the ocean, you may also add a large fish tank inside the bathroom. See that the tank contains plenty of colorful fish.
  • Try to find an attractive soap dish and dispenser with a nautical theme to it. For e.g. a soap dish shaped like a mermaid or a lobster.
  • There is always the option of acquiring an antique or a replicated anchor and hanging it inside the bathroom or on the bathroom door. Alternately, add a round float in blue and white alternating colors as a hanging on the bathroom walls.
  • My last suggestion is for those who would love to replicate the nautical theme to the last detail. You may use wooden boards that resemble a ship's deck for your bathroom floor.
There are plenty of such ideas and there is no stopping for one who craves to enjoy a fraction of sea life each day..even though he is just imitating it! In fact, even Feng shui supports inclusion of water and fish at home for peace and harmony. So go ahead and create a magical 'nautical' wonderland to step into each day.