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Retrofit Window Prices

Retrofit Window Prices

Various factors determine the prices of retrofit windows. The most important factors are the material used and the type of structure. We provide an overview of the cost to install these windows.
Medha Godbole
A project by the National Trust for Historic Preservation studied the financial and energy exchanges between replacing or repairing older windows and had this to say in conclusion―"retrofit strategies come very close to the energy performance of high-performance replacement windows at a fraction of the cost."
Retrofit windows are the ones that are fitted in the existing frames without changing or altering the original structure. They can be made of wood, fiber, vinyl, aluminum, or composite or made up of two or more materials. The cost of these replacement windows is based on factors like their type, the material, labor costs if any, etc. Let us find out their prices in detail.
Wooden windows with a classic look are very popular, and many people opt for them. The downside is that they need considerable maintenance and are relatively more expensive.

A typical retrofit wooden window with minor work would cost anywhere between USD 550-750. However, complete retrofitting would be expensive, and it would cost USD 900-1200.
The cost of fiberglass is on the higher side, though it costs less than wood. The cost would change depending upon the type of window.

On an average, fiberglass double hung window would cost USD 600-1000, sliding type would cost USD 900-1400, and awning and hopper type would require around USD 500 per window.
For a swanky new look to the house, you can try vinyl replacements. These are the best option among retrofit windows. These are reasonably durable, low on maintenance, have a good thermal resistance, and are not very expensive. The best part about them is that, they can be custom-made; less patchwork and demolition are required for installing them.

A vinyl double-hung window would average around USD 200 to 350. The same for casement type would be USD 500 to 675, for sliding type, it would be USD 575 to 775, and for hopper and awning type, it would be between USD 300 to 400.
These are made from a variety of materials, unlike the single material used in other types. As they are unique and combine the best aspects of two or three materials, they are also the most expensive. Their price varies depending upon the material used and the type of structure.

The cost of an average-sized window is around USD 750 to 800.
These can be of two main types: (i) pure aluminum wherein the metal is on the inside and outside; and (ii) aluminum-clad wherein only the exterior is made of metal while the inside is wood. Here, more the quantity of metal, more would be the price; hence, pure aluminum type would cost more than the other. Also, it would differ as per the structure.

On an average, aluminum casement windows would cost USD 650-850, the sliding type would cost USD 800-1200, the awning type would require USD 450-600, and the hopper type can be availed at USD 400-550.
Apart from just the price of the window, you also need to consider the cost of installation. If you do it yourself, you will save on labor expenses. If you get them retrofitted from a service provider, then you will have to pay for the same. The cost may also vary depending on the specific requirements for your structure. Also, remember that the prices change from time to time, and one should check with local store before undertaking this task.