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Flooring for Stairs

Add Unique Touch to Your Home With These Flooring Ideas for Stairs

If you are choosing flooring for stairs, then get to know about the various options available for the same in the following article. Ensure that you make the right choice and have a great-looking staircase that adds beauty to your space.
Mamta Mule
An indoor staircase is one of the prominent elements of multi-storey homes. As the decoration of the outdoor staircase is an important part of exterior decor, indoor stairs are also the basics available for spicing up the entire interior decor. Choosing the best stair railing is surely not the end of indoor staircase designing task. Picking the right flooring for stairs is something that needs to be done rightly.
Further, the same must be installed with perfection to get the desired finish. Flooring is a prominent part of the indoor staircase and won't go unnoticed even if one doesn't climb these stairs. So what are the flooring options for your staircase?
Best Flooring for Stairs
Well, ideas are many, but choosing the right one that will add a unique character to your space is very much essential. Here are the options that you can check out and add an ultimate decor element to your interiors.
splendid tiles design flooring for stairs
To start with, the best flooring option for stairs is installing tiles. Yes, tiling the staircase is a great way to give them a wonderful look. With a number of options available in the different types of tiles, colors, and designs, you can have a great-looking staircase that takes you to the upper floors.
checkered tiles design flooring for stairs
You can check out the natural flooring options such as marble flooring and granite flooring and go for the one that fits your budget. These two are the best flooring options to achieve a grand look. You can have a dual-colored staircase with such tiles that look a perfect combo of style and elegance. With the addition of mosaic tiles for the vertical part of each step, you can have a designer and colorful staircase ready to grace the interiors.
brown tiles flooring for stairs
beige tiles flooring for stairs
Hardwood Floor Stair
Hardwood flooring for stairs is popular and commonly seen in many homes and offices as well. Available in various types, colors, and finishes, this is the ultimate option when it comes to beautification in an elegant way. With the much-needed traditional touch in the natural finishes and a modern appeal in the classic colors, you can have a staircase to rightly suit the rest of your home decor.
magnificent wood flooring for stairs
With laminates of high-density fiberboard, you have a great alternative to the costly hardwood flooring or designer ceramic tiles. These are available in a wide range of designs and colors from which you can easily find one to match your tastes. You can either pick the laminates having 6 mm thickness or the expensive but more durable and sturdy pieces having a thickness of 12 mm.
wood flooring for stairs
stylish design wood flooring for stairs
modern carpet flooring for stairs
The next option of flooring for stairs is carpeting. Again, there are a number of designs, huge palette of colors, various brands and qualities available to cover your staircase and revamp its appearance. While this is a less durable alternative, you might have to think twice before installing it.
contemporary design carpet flooring for stairs
luxury carpet flooring for stairs
Another option that you can't miss out on is vinyl flooring. This is also popular as a cheaper option for other types of expensive flooring. You can check out the top quality pieces in these to have a perfect-looking staircase ready in a low budget.
beautiful design carpet flooring for stairs
Well, apart from these, there are various ways to add spice to your staircase. A carpet runner placed on the staircase from top running till the bottom can instantly add a lovely touch. You can choose those in a soft velvet finish to have plush-looking staircase. You can also checkout the premium quality stair treads for indoor stairs. Make sure that the style of stair railing and flooring for stairs complement each other. So check the options available and decide your pick to spruce up the staircase.
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