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Best Sofa Brands

Best Sofa Brands
A sofa isn't just a piece of furniture in your house―it is 'the most' essential piece of furniture in the house. And for something that is so paramount in its importance, it is essential to choose nothing but the best from the many options around. This DecorDezine article gives you a list of the best sofa brands available in the market today.
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Did you know that most of the sofas in the market contain flame retardant chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs)? PBDEs are linked with cancer, nervous system disorders, and more. However, from January 1, 2015, various brands including Ikea, Room & Board, Ethan Allen, and The Futon Shop have started manufacturing products that do not contain chemical flame retardants. Therefore, don't forget to check the labels while shopping.

What is a sofa to you? Is it just a fancy furnishing to accentuate the look of your living room? Or is it something far more than that? For many of us, a sofa is a companion that takes us through the most essential times of our lives, be it watching an important soccer final, a romantic movie with the one you love, or having a fun time on your PlayStation!

One great couch can save you from a lot many 'ouch'. What we mean to say is that you need to see the various facets of owning a couch and not just the aesthetic value of it. A good couch is the one that isn't just an eye-candy, but also a perfect supplier of comfort and space. With the different kinds of sofas that exist―from recliners to sleepers to those with chaise cushions―you need to be sure of how exactly can you make the most of your new purchase.

The market is full of options varying from fabrics, colors, makes, designs, styles, construction, and price range. Interestingly, the market also has cheap imitations of high-end European sofas that are manufactured in China. If quality, comfort, and durability are the most essential parameters for you, then it is imperative to know about the brands that will meet these criteria efficaciously. The following section gives you a list of some of the top-rated sofa manufacturers in the market today.

Top-rated Sofa Brands

Note that the following list contains names that have been voted by consumers on the rating sites on the web, as more satisfactory brands. DecorDezine does not promote/demote any brand on a personal level. The names are also not mentioned based on any particular ranking or order.

When it comes to furniture, the Made-in-Italy label says it all! Italian furniture is the epitome of quality and finesse in interior accessories, and B&B Italia is a company that reflects this very same essence. Since 1966, the Busnelli Family has been delivering some of the finest Italian modern furniture, not only in Italy, but all across the globe.

Their sofa collection consists of the "protagonist of modern lifestyle", CHARLES; and a recent addition to their innovative 'Tufty-time Seating System', the TUFTY-TIME '15. Other models to look out for include ANDY, HARRY, and SOLO.

Since 1981, Hancock & Moore have made the finest sofas, each handcrafted by a skilled artisan and bearing his/her signature. On an average, up to 80 hours are invested by an artisan to finish a distinct sofa that is nothing less than a masterpiece in itself.

Their sofa collection reflects nothing but high-end luxury. From CITY to METRO to TAVERN to HIGHLANDS, H&M has over hundreds of options, each catering to your individual preference of comfort, style, and luxury.

Founded in the year 1927, this company has the credit for making the first reclining chair in the year 1928, and ever since, it has become 'the' brand for the best recliners in the market. Over the almost-ninety years of quality deliverance, this US manufacturer is among the leading sofa sellers in the market.

LA-Z-BOY also has corporate associations with other reputed brands including Hammary, American Drew, England Furniture, and Kincaid. Speaking of their sofa range, MYA PREMIER SOFA, JACE LA-Z-TIME® FULL RECLINING SOFA, DOLCE PREMIER SOFA, and LANCER POWER LA-Z-TIME® FULL RECLINING SOFA are some of the popular models in the market.

Founded in the year 1943, IKEA is now considered among the largest furniture retailers in the world. Speaking of sofas, it is the provider of a wide, mid-range options that have managed to grab the attention of a majority of buyers in the market.

EKTORP, KIVIK, and KARLSTAD are a few names that have gained popularity among the buyers that don't really want to spend a fortune on their new sofa. As it is, the saying that goes famous with this brand is that 'you get what you pay'. Having said that, the more you spend, the more you get.

Vanguard is known for its excellent craftsmanship and durability. With its more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing some of the finest sofas in the market, this brand has managed to become a reliable name around, for sure.

There collection includes over 200 models of sofas and loveseats, each designed based on a variety of comfort needs. Their model names include WHITAKER, SUMMERTON, EAST LAKE, and FINN.

The Smith Brothers of Berne have been in the business during the era when Mickey Mouse was introduced to the world. Since 1926, this furniture brand is amongst the most high-end, reputable manufacturers of traditional, long-lasting sofas in the United States.

Currently, their website displays over 80 different designs and styles of sofas, and what's amazing is that all their designs exhibit a combination of "old world craftsmanship with modern technology", as stated on their website. Be it leather or fabric-made sofas, it wouldn't be wrong to say that in their case―the name says it all.

A name that has been around for over a century, this 113-year-old brand is known for its hand-tailored and hand-crafted furniture made by skilled artisans in Hickory, USA. According to their website, "Each piece has been curated and selected for inclusion with the goal of empowering your creative spirit through customization finish options that are second to none."

True to their claim, Hickory White happens to be one of the most recommended furniture brands with customer's vouching in its favor in terms of durability and designs. Their collection consists of names including OXFORD, ESSEX, MADISON, and KENT.

A name that carries a 'heritage' in itself, Drexel Heritage is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to classic, traditional furniture that stands for elegance, splendor, beauty, and grace. Founded in 1903, this American brand also began giving the 'customization' option to its customers, where their buyers could select anything from finishes to hardware, and other details of their choice.

Although their very first product was a bed, their sofas have also made their niche in the market. With models including ARABELLA, MCDERMOTT, HOLLOWAY, and KARA, you will get some of the finest masterpieces with every purchase.

Since the year 1980, this company has been delivering its clients "timeless designs and American-made quality", as stated on their website. For those of us who worry regarding the fact that most of the manufacturers these days are getting their products made outside America, especially in China, this is one brand that will give you the peace you need, as more than 90 percent of their assortment is made in the USA.

Some of their bestsellers include models such as YORK, REESE, IAN, and ANDRE. Their website states, "We believe that when you invest in our timeless designs and American-made quality, you're shopping in a way that protects your wallet-and the planet-over time. You're choosing real value for your money."


Pottery Barn
★ Crate & Barrel
★ Ethan Allen
★ Broyhill
★ The Futon Shop
★ Cassina
★ Chateau d'Ax
★ Thomasville Furniture Industries
Lee Industries
★ American Leather
★ Serta
★ Blu Dot

Remember that when it comes to furniture, there is no one brand that can satisfy all. Even in the aforementioned list, you will find many names that have both satisfied and disappointed a wide range of customers. That being said, what is important is to be clear of what exactly you want in your sofa, what are the aspects that you cannot compromise on, and what can you let go of based on your budget. If you're clueless about the technicalities of it, knowing a few trustworthy names is a safe spot to start with.
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