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Paint Brands

Paint Brands

Read this article to know all about the most popular and effective paint brands that can help add charm to your interiors and exteriors. Read on...
Shalu Bhatti
Paints not only enhance the beauty of the walls in your house, they also define you as a person! Yes, that's right! How you maintain the interiors and the exteriors of your house defines the perception of the person living in it. Painting is something that can't be done on a daily basis. Therefore, one needs to be very careful about what one chooses. There are various brands available in the market, each one claiming to be the best when it comes to painting! Unlike other brands, even these brands have pros and cons, with one aspect being a 10/10, and other lacking in some features. Below is the list of brands that have managed to gain attention of the consumers based on their features and effectiveness.

List of Well-known Paint Brands

When it comes to choosing from the various paints that are available in the market, the process of selection differs from person to person. While some of us may go for the ones that are low on price, some on the other hand would scrutinize the best paint brand and go for it! No matter what category you fall into, this article has information on some of the top rated paint brands that have been rated on the basis of their performance as well as their prices. Have a look!

Benjamin Moore
You can find many customers who testify in favor of Benjamin Moore. Although, when it comes to pricing, these are a little expensive than Behr. The Benjamin Moore Regal is more popular than their Aura line. Regal is said to be more consistent and well priced as compared to Aura which, the customers say, fails to give a uniform and smooth finish. Apart from the ups and downs, Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular paint brand with many faithful customers.

Ralph Lauren
Famously known for the classy shades of whites and off-whites, this brand truly depicts the American style of painting. Though they were one of the first paint brands to package faux finishes, some customers still tend to have issues with their faux finishes. Ralph Lauren offers a wide range of colorful palettes with the colors that will always appeal to you. This is definitely one of the brands that you can consider, keeping in mind their more than 3 decades of experience!

Sherwin Williams
What includes Sherwin Williams in one of the best choices of paint brands is their excellent customer service and expert painting advice! You can never go wrong with Sherwin Williams color schemes because of this feature. Used mainly by professionals, Sherwin Williams offer amazing and top rated variety of colors to choose from..., definitely something you should consider!

Although this brand isn't as popular as the others brands mentioned above, it is still known for its coverage among the users. Valspar is also one of the most decently priced paints available in the market. If you want to consider this one, I would advise you to go for their upgraded series known as the 'Valspar Signature', this gives a good coverage.

Citron Paints
Citron paints are another versatile paint brand that can give your house a unique and charming identity. Try the Citron Full Spectrum Paint created by CJ Volk, wherein she has perfectly pulled together different color combinations which are unique and unusual, to give your house a refreshingly different and colorful look! You can also take online advise from her in choosing the color combinations that you would like in your house.

The quality of Glidden Paint, one of its products, is such that it is not only attention-catching but long-lasting and practical, too. It is well-known for its endurance, resistance to tough stains and chipping off when old. Price-wise, it is decent enough and definitely gives a run to other pain brands out there.

So these were some of the best paint brands that are doing good, both in the market, as well as the hearts of the customers. Some other brands that you can consider apart from these would be -
  • Kilz Casual Colors
  • Ace Royal
  • Olympic
  • Devine Color
  • Susan Sargent
  • Fuller O'Brien Paint
  • Pratt & Lambert
  • Pittsburgh Paint
  • Heritage Village Colors
  • Cath Kidston
  • Christopher Lowwell's Designer Paints
  • Kelly Hoppen
  • Donald Kaufman
  • ICI
  • Dutch Boy
  • C2 Paints
All the paint brands mentioned above will offer you a variety of color combinations for painting your interiors that are not only prefect in the way their texture looks, but also in the way the painting is executed. Be it interior or exterior painting, these brands are the ones that have managed to grab the attention and the loyalty of many customers in the market and are continuously improving to achieve highest customer satisfaction. All the best for choosing the best brand to create a unique and mesmerizing look in your home.
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