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7 Paint Colors that Go Well with Red

7 Paint Colors that Go Well with Red

If you wish to add energy and comfort to your room, as well as experiment with some bold colors, the color red with its wide range of hues would be the right choice. The following DecorDezine article has suggestions for paint colors that go well with red.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Statistically Speaking
Painting walls with vibrant hues of red could increase your heart rate and blood pressure. So, it's advisable to select warmer shades of red to incorporate comfort, warmth, and positive energy in your home.
While (re)painting or decorating a living room, bedroom, or kitchen, one should decide upon the wall colors only after the accessories have been finalized. The furniture, carpets, curtains, flooring and other items may not have a wide range of color schemes to choose from; however, wall colors will allow that kind of flexibility.

And given the robust color that red is, here are certain combinations that will go exceptionally well with your decor with the promise of instilling elegance and romance to any room. So, whilst you are free to go for any of the wild shades of red, be sure that the overall décor reflects harmony, depth, and a sense of being welcomed.
Choosing Wall Paint Color
Whether you're combining the red paint with another color, or want to find a complementing color for the red furniture, the best way to go about is looking at the entire room as a whole. Through this article, you will definitely be able to find some inspiration to combine the magnificent red with 7  fabulous colors that will complement the ambience of your kitchen, bedroom or living room, staircase or even the bathroom walls or cabinets.
As both these colors, black and red are bold and intense, they provide a dramatic, yet modern look to any room. Lighting plays a huge role in making the room come alive as these shades have the tendency to overpower each other. For a kitchen, you can choose to have the cabinets and countertops in various shades of red with black walls. As for the living room, make sure to scatter red all across the room so that the color doesn't seem concentrated in one place. And as far as the bedroom is concerned, the comforter, lamp shades, curtains, and pillows are best kept in different shades of red.
The cool blue hues play really well with the contrasting and vibrant reds. Yes, red is an aggressive color, but when it's placed strategically throughout a room with a complementing color like blue, nothing can beat their combination. If solid colors for the walls is not your thing, then go ahead and experiment with patterned wallpaper. On the other hand, you also have an option to mix-n-match designs and patterns in red as well; there are pillows, curtains, couch, chairs, comforter, kitchen cabinets, lamps, mirrors, and so much more. Add a little bit of white to the rooms, and you'll end up with a nautical theme.
Using the gray hues on its own can make a room appear gloomy. But with the addition of red, even the most minimal space can look elegant. Many interior designers choose gray as it is a neutral 'canvas' for them to work on. By including red pieces/elements into a room, you can be sure to add a pop of color in no time. With this natural combination, a room can exude more of an earthy, masculine tone. Depending on the intensity of red you'll be adding to a room, pick a shade of gray that isn't as bold or dark as the first.
Have you ever given any thoughts to painting the walls green with your red furniture? Using warm hues of red, you can highlight the earthiness of green. The wonderful part about this combination is that a room will never appear made up; it'll always have a calming effect due to the color green. But if you're looking for a slightly modern touch, consider having apple green or other electric hues of green instead.
Orange is full of energy and seeks attention of its own. So, while pairing it with red, you need to remember that both the colors can appear harsh if complementing shades are not selected. Having said that, it doesn't mean you can't go with this combination. Remember, you can choose a room to appear bold and extravagant, and with this color combination, lighting is everything. To find a balance, pick a small section of a room to work on, and use color swatches. Or, start by picking the red elements for a room―living room, kitchen, bedroom―and then select the orange. That way, you won't have to keep going back and forth with both the shades.
This is a heartwarming and classic combination that has the ability to transform any room into an elegant living space. The white walls with red furniture can make any room appear clean and clutter-free. What you need to remember with this color combination is that the room needs to have enough light; and no, the amount of space has nothing to do with it. The room can be either small or big, the prominent part is the light―natural or artificial.
The fun and cheerful yellows help calm the vibrancy and boldness of the reds. Hence, the combination of these two colors is definitely worth the effort. Paint and decorate the living room with these shades, and you won't regret the decision. The only criteria is, test a small section of the room to see how the combination appears from morning till sundown.
Color Schemes with Red
As there are a variety of interior paint brands available, providing names for colors can be tough. So instead, we have put together 20  red color combinations for you to browse through. Depending on which color you want as a dominant shade for a room, select other complementing colors to paint and decorate the room with.
In order to pick the right color scheme for your room, understand the concepts:

1, Monochromatic scheme - Using a single color in different hues (while including various textures and patterns).

2. Harmonious scheme - Colors and shades that are next (or close) to one another on the color wheel.

3. Complementary color scheme - Colors that are on the opposite ends of one another on the color wheel.

Once you have a grasp on these concepts, you won't have to guess which paint colors go well with red bricks, furniture, or walls.
Ideas for Using Paint Colors with Red
Before you get overenthusiastic and color/decorate the entire room with red, try including it in a small area first. And as you progress, keep adding elements of red either with paint color or furniture to tie the décor together.
While selecting paint colors for the walls, regardless of the room, remember that there are certain colors that go well together; making the task of finding a combination slightly easier. Understand where you want the red accents to be, and keep the entire room's décor in mind so that every piece has a purpose, a place for it.