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The Enthralling Effects of Colors That Go Well Together

Colors that Go Well Together
Colors must be combined properly for the desired effect. You must learn some tips in order to combine colors creatively.
Aastha Dogra
Why is it that some images, or even places seem more appealing than others? It is something that we all have taken for granted, but little things like choosing the right color shade for your walls, or even choosing a location with just the right colors, can make all the difference between just another photograph or an ordinary looking room, and a masterpiece. They say - 'Never judge a book by its cover', but our brain, when it sees an image, does just that; if the colors in the image complement each other, our brains are tuned to register it better, than an image with colors all over the place.
Whether we are choosing dresses, painting our house, or planning a wedding, we are always looking for the right color schemes i.e., colors that go well together and also, colors that will suit our temperament. Colors should be selected in such a way that when two colors come together, they should appear very pleasing to the eye. There should be some kind of a balance or harmony in a color combination.
In order to come up with amazing-looking color combinations, it is essential that you know the different groups of colors. Colors are divided into four groups, namely warm colors, cool colors, mixed colors (Cool/Warm) and neutral colors.
Warm Colors
Venetian Wall Texture
Warm colors represent excitement, energy, optimism, anger, and at times, violence. Red, yellow, orange, pink and golden are all warm colors.
Cool Colors
Happy Family Painting Walls
Cool colors are calming, nurturing and comforting to the mind. On the flip side, they can appear to be cold and impersonal. Silver, blue, turquoise and green are cool colors.
Mixed Colors
Interior Mock Up
Mixed colors can be both calming as well as exciting. Purple and lavender fall in the category of mixed colors.
Neutral Colors
Interior Mock Up
Neutral colors are usually used to either highlight other colors or tone down the effect of darker, more overpowering colors. Black, gray, white, brown and beige are neutral colors.
To determine clothing, wedding or matching paint colors, all these four categories have to be creatively brought together. Below are some interesting ways to do this.
Monochromatic Color Combinations
If you are somebody who prefers a clean-cut, comforting, and classy look, then monochromatic color combinations are made for you. These combinations are primarily made of different shades of the same color such as a color combination of blue and light blue, or colors which are very similar to each other visually, such as yellow and orange or pink and purple. Such color schemes, although very elegant and soothing to look at, can appear washed out or boring, if the color contrast is not enough.
Triadic Color Combinations
Color combinations such as those with three primary colors - red, yellow and blue, can look very interesting, provided the right shades of all these colors are used. If you prefer lighter color combinations, then instead of these three, go in for pink, light blue and pale yellow color combinations.
Contrasting Color Combinations
By bringing together colors in different color categories, many color combinations can be made. If one color is on the lighter side, and the other one is darker, it would look even better. Colors that are starkly different provide the right contrast, and hence look very visually appealing. A perfect contrast combination would be red, a warm color and blue, a cool color or purple with green. Such clashing colors will be ideal for you, if you prefer to be slightly experimental with your choices.
You might want to keep in mind though that there is no hard-and-fast rule on which colors can be combined together. For example, a person who loves being surrounded by nature, can go in for a green (representing plants), and blue (representing water) combination. Someone who likes a bit of drama in life can combine red with black. So, besides the visual appeal, consider the meanings and what the colors stand for, before picking the colors of your choice. Here's a look at how these colors beautifully come together in nature, and create magic.
Color Wheel
Color Wheel
The color wheel is a perfect way to represent the beautiful harmony between colors. The different shades and tints of a color simply blend with the others. Also, you can see how colors that are placed together, and the ones on the opposite sides wonderfully complement each other. You can even choose to mix and match amongst these colors, as even those that are diagonally opposite to each other go very well together.
Wonderful Shades of Nature
The various seasons, and the many elements in nature, paint a wonderful masterpiece on the canvas we call our planet Earth.
The Boisterous Colors of Summer
Boisterous Colors of Summer
Color Pattern
The Frosty Tints of Winter
Frosty Tints of Winter
Color Pattern
The Golden Hues of Autumn
Autumn Leaf
Autumn Color Pattern
The Blissful Shades of Spring
Blissful Shades of Spring
Color Pattern
The Auburn Tones of Dawn
Auburn Tones of Dawn
Color Pattern
Nature's Palette
Palette Of Nature
Color Pattern
Fiery Reds
Red Crab
Color Pattern
Cool Blues
Blue And Yellow Parrot Macaw
Color Pattern
Scarlet Reds
Red Parrot
Color Pattern
Symphony of Colors
Beautiful Peacock
Color Pattern
Colors of Paradise
Bird Of Paradise
Color Pattern
Blazing Pinks
Pink Flowers
Color Pattern
Remember, some colors may look great in a particular setting, and may not work in another. For instance, colors that seem trendy for your clothes, may look like a complete trainwreck when used to paint your walls! So go ahead, experiment, and add color to your life.
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