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The Final Showdown: Standard King Bed Vs. California King Bed

Standard King Bed Vs. California King Bed
If you believe in living life king size, your bed should be king-sized as well! But which king bed should you opt for: Standard or California? Check out this DecorDezine article to know more and make a wise decision.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
"O bed! O bed! Delicious bed! That Heaven upon Earth to the weary head."
― Thomas Hood
Planning on buying a new bed or replacing your old one? Choosing the right bed will make a huge impact. With our hectic lives, relaxation has become more important. A good night's sleep is very essential for a fresh start the next day. So, when choosing a bed, give utmost priority to your comfort.
Buying a king-sized bed is an excellent idea, as it will give you a lot of comfort and space. The question arises whether you should buy the Standard or the California king bed. Well, both are huge, have the same area, but have different dimensions. We lay out the pros and cons of each type so that you can make an informed decision.
Dimensions (Width x Length)
The area of both the beds is same, but their dimensions are different. The Standard king bed is wider than the California one by 4 inches, whereas the California king bed is longer than the Standard type by 4 inches.

Standard King Bed
76 inches x 80 inches (183 cm x 214 cm)
Width per person: 38 inches

California King Bed
72 inches x 84 inches (193 cm x 203 cm)
Width per person: 36 inches
Standard King Bed
California King Bed
It is also called "Eastern king." It is bigger than a full-sized bed and a queen bed.

It is also called "Western king." It is a very large bed and is fast becoming popular.

A Standard king bed is equivalent to two single beds combined together.

California king beds are wide enough for two people to sleep comfortably.

As it is bigger than queen beds or full-sized beds, two people can sleep spaciously on it.

They are ideal for people who sleep alone, or for couples who like to sleep close to each other.

The length is sufficient for most people.

Very tall people may suffer from problems like feet dangling from the bed or stashed on the foot board. These beds are perfect for them.
The excess width is good, if you like extra space when sleeping.

People who are taller than 6 feet can opt for a California king bed.

Since Standard king beds are very popular, a variety of sheets and other accessories are easily available.

A major problem is that the sheets are not easily available. Though you can buy them online, their options are less compared to Standard king beds.

Flat as well as fitted sheets are available for these beds.

Only fitted sheets are available, which tend to be very short.

The width could be a problem if your room is long and narrow.

The length could be a problem if your room is small.

Standard king beds are more popular than California king beds.
  • There is no major difference between the costs of both the types.
  • Since the sheets for California king bed are not easily available, they tend to be more costly.
  • Also, flat sheets are not available for the California king bed.
Which is Better?
  • The logic is pretty simple: if you want a wider bed, opt for Standard king bed, and if you want a longer bed, go for the California king bed.
  • When buying a bed, check for two things:
    1. The height of the persons who will be sleeping on the bed.
    2. The area as well as the dimensions of the room where you will be keeping the bed.
  • The excess width or height could be a problem in smaller apartments.
  • Check the dimensions thoroughly, as some manufactures may change the size slightly.
  • If cost is the major factor for you, go for the Standard one as it will cost you less eventually.
Buying any king-sized bed will mean new bedding and blankets as well. If you want to continue using your old bedding, go for a smaller size. Remember to check the access points like doors or hallways before buying a big bed. Both the beds come with one mattress and two half-width box springs. Get king-sized comfort with king beds!