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How to Decorate a Nursery for Twins

How to Decorate a Nursery for Twins
A host of twins' nursery decorating ideas await you in this article follow! But wait! Don't see double trouble there! Check out the article instead!
Medha Godbole
Having a baby is enough of an ordeal, although those going through don't mind it! The reason is, well the result of bearing the pain, the bundle of joy which a brand new mother takes in her arms, I guess that becomes one of the defining moments of that woman's life. But imagine how would it be, if the woman gets 2 babies instead of a one? I mean wouldn't the joy and happiness be in double (notwithstanding the double diaper expenses!) if she delivers twins? I can't imagine how cute would it be! Everything will be double, even the nursery for the kids will have to be in such a manner that it reflects the individuality of the twins. At the same time it should portray the bond between the two. Keep reading.

Decorating a Nursery For Twins

Designing a twin nursery can be an exciting but an equally challenging endeavor. A look at what are the options while you do that!

Read My Color
Let's start with the basics. Although this is a very simple thing, it can be real fun and will help keep the identity of the kids distinct. Decide a different color for each baby and make it a signature color for the baby. When you go and select colors, normally you would have three to five colors within palate. Pick two out of them and theme the decorations around those two colors. Use these signature colors for bedding as well as the walls if they are not too outrageous! Then base the accessories on these colors as well - toothbrushes and other personal belongings can be easily separated with the help of these colors to avoid chaos.

Double Trouble
Thinking of things which have a duality as an 'individuality' for decorating the nursery. Double-sided mirror, a double bunk bed, a toy having two faces and the like. You can also think of buying the same type of cribs and so on.

Fraternally Yours
If there are fraternal twins of opposite sex, it can be even more fun. You can have a cats and dogs theme. The walls can be in totally contrasting colors, defining the male-female divide. You would also get cat and dog crib bedding easily, without any problem. If the fraternal twins are girls it will be a double delight! In ideas for girls, you can have a princess theme and a doll theme and so on! In ideas for boys, may be you can have superheroes!

'Two' Cute
Well, there might be a thought that because it is a twin nursery, everything has to be in double! But there is no hard and fast rule like that! Apart from the things which will be difficult to distinguished and where there is no option but to have pairs of things for the kids, there is no need to do so. In such a scenario, nursery decorating ideas for kids can include an animal theme with cute animals like pandas, giraffes, cubs and penguins.

This was just a peep at how to decorate a nursery for twins. Here are some tips for the same.

Nursery Decorating Tips
  • It is important to demarcate and define the room with the help of accessories, especially if the twins are of opposite sex.
  • If possible and as much as possible use soothing colors and eco friendly items to decorate the bedroom.
  • For baby safety, securing dresser drawers, book cases, shelves and even dining room chairs to prevent kids from climbing it and hurting themselves is important.
Along with all these things, make sure that you have tucked away all your valuables, out of the reach of the twins. At the same time it is essential to keep potentially hazardous things out of the reach of the kids.

Finally when thinking about decorating a nursery for twins, a very important thing is to make it as beautiful and convenient and 'kid friendly' as possible. At the same time, the baby nursery should lay the foundation of how the kids will grow up to be! All the best!
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