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Exterior Paint Reviews

Exterior Paint Reviews

Choosing an exterior paint for your house is certainly not an easy task. Choosing the perfect color is already a time-consuming task, on top of that, you need to choose the right brand of color as well.
Mamta Mule
We will make your decision a little easier, as we review the top brands of exterior paint in this DecorDezine write-up. Have a look, consider all the factors, and make a wise decision.
Things to Consider
When choosing any product there are certain things that you need to consider. These factors will help you to narrow down the best possible options for all your needs. Have a look.
It is the most important factor for most people. Obviously, you are looking for a paint that will last for years. Hence, it is okay to spend a little more if the paint is more durable. In the long run, it will be much more economical for you. Plus, you don't have to worry about repainting your house every few years.
Of course the price will play a major role. But don't just go for the cheapest paint available. There are certain brands that will cost you more, but come with more benefits and are more durable as well. You also need to consider if the paint will require a single coat or more, the amount will increase if it requires more.
Coverage and Stain Resistance
Well the coverage is very important, as you should be happy with the results. The consistency of the paint will be a major factor here. You don't want it to be very thick or thin.
Best Exterior Paints
Sherwin Williams Duration
This paint tops most lists of best exterior paints, and yes it does deserve the honor. It is recommended by most professions as well. It is easy to apply, anti-bacterial, dries quickly, is stain resistant, is very durable, and in most cases even a single coat is enough. It is available in satin, flat, and semi-gloss finishes. Lots of reasons to choose it, isn't it?

There's just one major con though: the cost. Yes, it's expensive, but if you tally all the advantages, it is absolutely worth it!
Behr Premium Plus Ultra
Premium Plus Ultra from Behr comes with advanced nanoguard technology and is amongst the best exterior paints for your home. This product consists of paint and primer and is a perfect choice for various surfaces. Apart from the brick walls, this can be used for fencing, garage doors, wood, vinyl, fiber concrete siding, brick and rusted metals as well. With an extra protective shield, it protects your walls from sunlight, moisture, stains, and dirt.

Available in three finishes, flat, satin enamel and semi-gloss enamel you can pick one according to the look you want. Satin enamel is quite popular due to the pearl like sheen it offers to your exterior walls.
Benjamin Moore Aura
This external paint is self-priming, fade-resistant, and very easy to apply. Plus it does not stain easily, and works well even in humid areas. The coverage is superb, and most costumers were happy with the product. It is also resistant to mildew.

The drawbacks are that you may need more paint to ensure proper coverage. The paint tends to splatter during application, and is not very resistant to abrasion.
California Paints' Fres-Coat Velvet Flat
This is another product that will give you top-quality results. It looks excellent, has a superb finish, and does not fade easily. Plus, you can easily remove stains from it, and is highly resistant to wear and tear.
Valspar DuraMax Flat or DuraMax Satin
Duramax Paint from Valspar paints is another top rated product which you can consider choosing for your home exterior painting. This ensures that your walls are colored in a rich texture and do not crack or peel off. This is a premium range product from Valspar which offers a priming finish as well and provides triple resistance against mold and mildew. Moreover, this Duramax paint also provides maximum UV protection which maintains its color tone and finish. This is available in flat, satin and semi-gloss finish. If you check out the exterior paint reviews, Valspar Duramax Satin is known to be the top product.
Other options
✦ Glidden Spred Flat
✦ Glidden Premium Flat
✦ Glidden Premium Satin
✦ Glidden Spred Satin
✦ Clark + Kensington Satin Enamel
✦ Clark + Kensington Semi-Gloss Enamel
Whichever paint you choose, don't forget to try a sample of the color before buying. Most brands give sample color options, and also assist in color selection.