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Transform Your Small Space With These Stylish Murphy Bed Ideas

Murphy Bed Ideas
Murphy beds are also known as wall beds or adjustable beds. Earlier, they were hinged at one end, and stored vertically along the wall. But now, they can be easily folded and disguised as some other piece of furniture. There are various plans that you can opt for to fight the space crunch.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
So, your friends are coming over for vacations? Now there's the worry of not finding enough space for extra beds. In such situations, murphy beds are the most suitable option, as they are portable and compact. Given below are some of the popular murphy bed designs that you can choose from, as per your needs and creativity.
Sofa cum bed
This is one of the most common and popular murphy beds. They are easy to install and use. During the day, you can fold the bed to use it as a sofa, and in the night, you just have to unfold the sofa again. This bed has a lot of utility, as it provides for seating arrangements unlike wall beds, which only save some space, and are useless during the day.
Paneled Beds
If your house has only one room and a kitchen, this is the ideal choice for you, as it resembles a living room shelf. You can decorate the vertical side panels, while the middle panel remains closed. It virtually occupies no space, as the bed is stored vertically. You can unfold it whenever you want to sleep. The mattress is stored against the wall inside the cabinet. It is fixed tightly in the frame, and hence, stays properly in its place.
Twirl Beds
Multipurpose twirl bed is one of the modern, trendy plans, that makes the best use of advanced murphy bed mechanisms. It resembles a book shelf wherein you can actually store your books, and turn it upside down to transform it into a bed. The other side of the book shelf has a mattress that can be stored vertically or horizontally as per the design. You can make use of the other side to store things, or design it in a way that is compatible with the rest of your furniture.
Sliding Beds
Sliding beds are quite similar to drawers. A small space is dug in the wall where you need to fit the wall bed. The bed hardware along with mattress is folded inside that closet. It looks like a part of the wall. When you want to sleep, all you have to do is pull the small handle attached to the wall, and your bed is ready. You may even paint the outer side to make it look like a painting.
Roof Beds
Imagine a bed descending from the roof! How amazing is that! This kind of a wall bed generally costs a lot, and works on automatic devices. The bed is stored on the roof, and looks like a false ceiling. Some people also fit the lights on the visible side, so it looks like a roof lighting. Being quite a costly affair, you can opt for it if you have the budget.
These were some murphy bed ideas for you to try. Consult your interior designer, and ask for his/her advice. Now, go ahead, and get home the latest designer bed kit.