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Baby Room Paint Colors

Baby Room Paint Colors

Confused regarding the colors to opt for your baby's room? The following article offers some interesting suggestions and guides you on choosing the appropriate baby room paint colors.
Aastha Dogra
It is believed that as colors alter the moods of an adult, similarly when a child is about three months old, his senses start getting stimulated by the different colors around him. This makes it very important for all parents to choose the paints with a lot of caution and understanding. Choosing them need not be boring though, it can be a lot of fun especially if they are chosen based on some unique nursery theme. Once the theme is finalized, it becomes easier to choose the paints that revolve around it. Given below are some more interesting tips for choosing the best shades for a baby room.

Tips on Choosing the Paint

When coming up with combinations and schemes, it is imperative to keep in mind the effect of each and every color on the baby. For example, red and orange can over excite him so should be used less. White, light blue, pink, and lavender will calm him while warm options such as yellow enhance intimacy, so all these can be used to paint larger portions of the walls of the nursery. Black creates an atmosphere of despair and sorrow, so it should be avoided completely.

Traditional Options
If you want to be conservative in your choice, then opt for pink if you have a baby girl and blue if its for a boy. However, if you are not sure about the gender, then you can opt for neutral options such as light green, lavender, and light purple. Opting for these is advantageous for parents who plan to have another baby, but do not want to redecorate the nursery a second time.

Modern Options
For parents who want to decorate the nursery in some creative and innovative way, a good idea would be to go in for modern colors. Contemporary options include bright colors such as burnt orange, warm ones such as yellow, and bold ones such as red and dark purple. If you are looking for some innovative ideas, then what you can do is to use these in stripes or as polka dots in your nursery. Another thing that you can do is to have one wall painted in a bold color like red and the rest in lighter shades. By using these modern paints sparingly, you will ensure that the baby does not get overstimulated looking at them, at the same time the room has a modern look and feel to it.

Cool Options
Colors such as white, cream, beige, and ivory are believed to have a very soothing effect on the baby. If the nursery walls are painted with them, the baby will remain calm in such an environment and it will be easier for you to put him to sleep. Moreover, these lighter shades can actually make the room appear much bigger than it actually is. Their only drawback is that they might give the room a somewhat dull look. To counter that, a good idea would be to use them in combination with brighter paints such as red and orange.

Earthy Options
When it comes to choosing colors for their baby's room, very rarely do parents opt for earthy colors such as brown, gray, and dark green. Still, if you combine them well with pastel colors such as pink and lavender, they can add a unique dimension to the nursery. Earthy options are known to provide comfort and a sense of warmth to children and thus are especially suited for hyperactive kids. So, use such shades for your nursery for the sheer comfort that they are believed to provide to a kid.

One last tip- Make nursery decorating a creative and fun-filled activity and it is sure to help you come up with happy, innovative color schemes and designs. All the best!
Pink color room
Beige color room
Blue color room