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How to Build Drawer Dividers

How to Build Drawer Dividers

If you feel that your storage is not organized even after using drawers, then you should surely go for drawer dividers.
Sonu S
Everyone wants to keep their home organized (of course there are a few exceptions here!), and the drawer may seem one of the best ways to make sure that your house does not look messy. Your home may be filled with drawers (kitchen drawers, dresser drawers, closet drawers, etc.), and they are pretty successful in keeping your home tidy, but a drawer may not be the ultimate solution for a perfectionist, who wants every little thing to be perfectly organized, and in general, if your drawer is filled with small heterogeneous things, you will have a tough time, when you are searching for something specific, this is where a drawer divider comes into picture.

Drawer dividers help you segregate little things in a drawer, so that you do not waste time in searching them. You can easily get drawer dividers in the market, but most of the time, these dividers are not according to the size of your drawers. If you want to avoid the blunder of buying drawer dividers that do not fit your drawers, you can make them at home.

How to Make Drawer Dividers

Always remember, the work of a divider is to simplify the storage, not to complicate it further. So, all the ideas that you implement to make the dividers, should have the ultimate goal of simplification. You can make drawer dividers using cardboard, plywood, cereal boxes, etc.

Things Required
  • Cardboard
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
Measure and Cut

The first thing that you should do is measure the inner dimensions of your drawer. So, use the tape measure, and be precise in measuring. Now, measure the height of the face of the drawer. Note down the measurements. The design that we are going to follow can be seen in the image above.

The "x" Dividers
Take the sheet of cardboard (the cardboard should be tough), and cut it such that, you have 2 pieces, each with a length corresponding to the inner length of the drawer, and each of these pieces should have a height, 2 inches less than the height of the face of the drawer. These pieces form the "x" dividers.

The "y" Dividers
Take another sheet of cardboard and cut it into 3 pieces in such a way that, every piece has a height 2 inches less than the face of the drawer, and each piece has a length that is 75 percent of the breadth of the drawer. Now, you have your "y" dividers.

Making the Cubicles

Take the "x" divider, and make 3 slits on it at regular intervals. The slits should reach the center of the divider. Repeat the same for the other "x" dividers. Now take the "y" dividers, and make 2 slits, similar to the one which you made on the "x" divider, on each one of them, such that each "y" divider has a central slit, and a slit just one centimeter away from the shorter edge. Now, place the "y" dividers on the "x" dividers in such a way that the slits form the point of intersection. You can use the diagram for your reference. Once you are done, you have your cubicles ready.

Now, you are just left with the task of placing the cubicles in the drawer. Position the cubicles in such a way that all the "y" dividers are in contact with one of the inner sides of the drawer. So, finally you will have a drawer whose structure resembles the one shown in the diagram (the bold line indicates the face of the drawer).

You can make similar dividers for all your drawers. If you have other creative drawer divider design ideas, then you should surely experiment with them. It does not take much time, within a few hours you will be done making dividers for all your drawers!