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How to Customize a Rental Apartment

How to Customize a Rental Apartment

Trying to figure out how to add a little zing to a rental flat? The following DecorDezine article will tell you some ways to customize a rental apartment.
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The monotonous walls, the unamusing flooring, and the lighting which makes you feel like you are in captivity are some of the salient features of a typical rental flat (unless you are willing to spend a lot on the rent!). Living in a rental apartment can be very boring, as the stipulations of your rigid landlord restricts you from implementing any major ideas for refurbishing the flat.

A rented flat will always be accompanied by restrictions, but that does not mean you continue living in a place which does not make you feel good. The only way to deal with the lack of vitality in your rented flat is to customize it, but you should also take care that your customization does not violate any clauses in your rental agreement.

Ideas to Customize a Rental Flat

I am assuming that your landlord is not so accommodating (if he is, then you are lucky! He might also contribute to the refurbishing process), so I have not included extreme customization ideas.

Handling the Space Crunch
The most prominent problem that you might face in your rented flat is the lack of space. This makes you think that no customization ideas will work, as you have no room to implement it. The first thing that you should do is observe the rented flat, and note what is really important. If you do not feel it is necessary (and it does not belong to your landlord), get rid of it. This will give you more room. If your sofa is not sectional, replace it with one, as sectional sofas offer more utility. You should hide your storage space, you can use blinds to do so. It will help, if your storage area is not distributed, as you will not have to search in different locations, when you want to find something. In addition to your walls, you can also use your ceiling to implement storage ideas (floor storage is also a nice idea, but your landlord may not allow it). Vertical blinds can also be used to divide the area of your rental apartment. Using modular furniture is the best way to tackle space crunch.

Decorating Your Rented Flat
Once you have utilized the space in your apartment effectively, you can focus on making your flat beautiful. The first thing you should do is, paint the walls (your landlord may not allow the use of bright colors, so do consult him before you start painting). Aesthetic paintings will surely embellish your apartment. See that any artwork that you add on the walls complements your apartment. Using lamps is another great idea to decorate your home. Place a floor lamp next to your sectional sofa, a lamp on your table, and install a dangling lamp in the corners, devoid of light. If you do not like the carpet, you can always rely on rugs to cover it up. To make your bathroom look better, you can change the shower head, and the tap fittings. If you want to make your windows more appealing, then you try using other alternatives to cover your window, instead of the typical vertical blinds.

Colors can have a great influence on the beauty of your home. So, keep this in mind when you paint, or buy any furniture, or when you buy fabric. Plants can also be a great addition to your rental flat, and you can also go for an aquarium, but you have to invest time and effort to take care of them.

Before you sign any room rental agreement, do make a point to inquire whether your prospective landlord will be ready to accommodate any customization ideas. Your landlord's approval is a must, before you begin refurbishing.