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House Painting Software

House Painting Software

Using a house painting software can save a lot of work, and give you a preview of how your house will look after the painting. Read on to know more.
Pragya T
Getting a whole house painted is a big task. If proper planning is not done for the painting job, a lot of problems can occur when the real painting of the house is being done. To get the house painted many people tend to just choose the colors they think will look good on the various house surfaces, while some people hire an interior decorator to help them choose the colors or to match a particular theme for the house. However, with a house painting software, this task becomes easier and you can be the boss of choosing colors for the whole house. Before you plan or perform painting preparation just download such a software. Also, one doesn't have to depend on a professional because with such a software you can select a color scheme for your house, preview it, and show it to your family too to get their opinion.

Software for House Painting

Before these software were created people used to paint color samples, and stick them on the wall to check if the color looked good or not. Many people used to paint patches of colors on the wall to check the compatibility. Some people still tend to follow such painting tricks, however with a software available to do this for you, one doesn't have to physically put an effort on getting paint samples or painting patches of color on the wall.

So, just download a free trial version of a software, or if you want to be thorough in the painting plan, then consider buying the software to get additional features. You can pick any one of the given below software. Once you are done with this step, you can upload the pictures of your house and start coloring the various surfaces of the house and check them in different lighting to see if the color is good. You can also try out different textured painting styles on the various surfaces. With these ideas you can do a good job of planning the interior painting.

Next comes uploading the pictures of the exterior of the house. For the exterior of the house, you can pick colors of your choice, so they can be matched to the surrounding. You can upload various sides of the house to get a good idea on exterior painting. What more?! You can also view videos using the software.

Best Software
There are many good house painting software on the Internet, you can download many free versions or buy the paid software for more features. There are even exterior painting software, which don't need any download, as they are more like online tools for checking the paint colors.

The top three software are CBN Selector, Resene EzyPaint, and Benjamin Moore Color Viewer. The CBN Selector has a big online color library, which has the most popular paint brands. You can also upload your own images to try color on it. Benjamin Moor Color Viewer is a basic program and you can save your work in sessions. Resene EzyPaint has many tools and you can even preview in 3D. Other choices are Colorjive, Bob Vila's Paint Designer, Better Homes & Gardens Color-A-Home, and Sherwin-Williams Painting Images Color Simulator.

This was all about how to choose house colors with a software and the best software available today. So, choose a good software, upload the pictures of your house, and create a great-looking fresh color scheme for your house.