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Marmoleum Flooring Pros and Cons

Marmoleum Flooring Pros and Cons to Help You Choose Wisely

Marmoleum® is a trademark linoleum product by Forbo Flooring Systems. It is one of the most popular types of flooring used today. If you are thinking of installing it, knowing about its pros and cons will be beneficial.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
When planning for home/office remodeling, you must have come many flooring types and options. Ceramic or hardwood flooring are the most popular flooring options today. However, if you are creative and wish to have a unique flooring, then you can consider going for linoleum or Marmoleum.
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In simplest terms, note that Marmoleum is the newest variant of linoleum. It is made of 100% natural material, and hence, is rated as an environment friendly product. It comprises linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour, pine resins on a jute (burlap) and canvas backing.
Advantages of Marmoleum
As mentioned above, this flooring is made from natural ingredients. It is bio-degradable and does not contain harmful VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) or any other toxic chemicals. Therefore, it has a greater advantage over other types of flooring.
Marmoleum is extremely popular for the color choices and patterns it offers. Right from the basic colors to bold and unusual ones, you can find simply any color you want to decorate your home and office. Due to the availability of different colors, you can be creative and have a custom-made flooring.
Marmoleum is found to have anti-microbial (more prominently, anti-bacterial) properties. Therefore, it is safe for people suffering from allergies or asthma. These tiles do not hold on water or moisture, and hence, can sustain fungus, mildew, mold, or even bacteria from thriving on it.
Easy Care
A regular sweeping/vacuuming or damp moping the floor can clean it and make it appear brand new in a short time. You do not need to use any expensive cleaning products to clean this flooring. All types of spills - solid, semi solid, or liquids, can be easily cleaned on this floor (if you do not let them dry). It is recommended to follow manufacturer's instructions for washing Marmoleum.
Anti-static Properties
Marmoleum also possess anti-static properties, and hence, repels dust. Dust and dirt does not adhere to this flooring type. The flooring is also easy to walk on and does not get cold. Due to its anti-static and anti-microbial properties, Marmoleum is commonly used in schools and hospitals.
Resistant to Heat
Marmoleum is resistant to heat and will not damage easily due to exposure to heat (note that excess and continuous heat can definitely damage it). However, the flooring may get damaged due to heavy furniture.
Disadvantages of Marmoleum
Frequent Maintenance
The flooring is very porous, and therefore, requires frequent polishing and maintenance. Secondly, it also stains, dents, and scuffs quite easily. It is usually not recommended for high-traffic areas. You need to frequently make sure that the flooring is clean and the stains are cleaned before they dry.
Difficult Installation
Marmoleum is difficult to handle and install. Therefore, manufacturers recommend that it should be installed by professionals who have an experience of installing it. Although not a disadvantage, this may add up to the overall cost of the product.
Marmoleum is available in many varieties, costing $5 onwards (per square foot). The average installation cost is $2-$5, but, may vary from one place to the other. When buying in bulk, make sure you inquire about all the costs involved (those of material, installation, adhesives, etc.)
With its numerous advantages, you will surely want to consider Marmoleum when remodeling your personal space. Lastly, as a tip, note that as the flooring is made of natural material, in actual it may appear different from the sample shown. Therefore, make sure to see the actual flooring before buying. Good luck!
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