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Fitted Sheets

An Introduction to the Surprising Convenience of Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are highly convenient options when it comes to laying them, simply because they fit on a mattress like a glove on a hand! Here's everything you need to know about them.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Beds are the epitome of relaxation, and this can be understood only by those who really enjoy sleeping. How the bed looks then is very important, as you want it to be inviting, so that you can thoroughly enjoy your sleep. In fact, those who have trouble sleeping need this more. While laying normal sheets on the bed is a big task, and one that is slightly difficult for many, a simpler alternative is that of using fitted sheets.
As the name suggests, these sheets fit exactly according to the various bed sizes, which means no ugly wrinkles, no hanging edges from the corners of the bed, and no extra effort in laying the sheets. They have elastic edges, that conveniently wrap around a mattress, just like well-fitted pillow cases for pillows. The beauty about these sheets is that they are easily available in standard mattress sizes and thicknesses, in as many designs and prints as there are for normal sheets. While a lot of people have appreciatively embraced this concept, folding these sheets seems to be a difficult task for many. Here, we talk about the art of folding fitted sheets in a very simple manner.
How to Fold Fitted Sheets
The task of folding fitted sheets appears complicated to many, but what it requires is just a simple technique.
  • Start by laying the sheet on a flat surface. This may be a table or your bed.
  • Fold the sheet centrally, and place it on the surface so that the elastic portion is facing upward.
  • The elastic corners usually have a stitch, holding which you can straighten out the edge of the sheet, so that it forms a proper corner. Do this for both edges.
  • Take the upper elastic corner (facing you), turn it inside out, and place it within the lower elastic corner so that it is neatly tucked in.
  • Repeat the same for the elastic corners at the other end.
  • You will now find that you have been able to fold the sheet into a half, with the upper portion tucked into the lower portion.
  • Next, pick up each corner by placing your hand below it. Smooth out the sheet to clear it of any wrinkles.
  • Fold the sheet into another half, in a manner that the elastic corners are placed together at one corner.
  • Smoothen the sheet again, and fold it lengthwise into a half or into thirds to make it compact.
With these instructions, your sheets can now be folded easily, without creating any complications in the process. You could fold the sheets in the process of ironing, and perform both functions at the same time. In fact, ironing will ensure that the sheets remain as they are without suddenly unfolding.
Usually, you may find fitted sheets in bed sheet sets which make it difficult to use them if you have mattresses of thicknesses that is not the standard. So even if the sheet fits by the length and the width, it is the thickness of the mattress that may cause a problem. As such, you may choose to purchase fitted sheets sold separately for your mattress.
These may be available online, and based on the size and thickness of the mattress, you may be able to find the one you are looking for. Though it may be slightly difficult to find one that matches your set, it is at least easier to ensure that this sheet stays in place when you lay it on the bed. The choice regarding whether you want it to fit better or look better is entirely yours.
Again, fitted sheets are the best option in bed linen as they are so convenient to use. As regards folding, you now have the steps to do so appropriately without much difficulty.