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Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Among most of the available options for bathroom, ceramic tile is one of the best one due to several reasons. Presented below are the benefits of installing this tile.
Madhura Pandit
Choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom can be difficult as there are thousands of flooring options available in the market. However, if you decide on your expectations and preferences (and of course, the budget), you will have less difficulty in finding the prefect bathroom tiles. If you are looking for flooring ideas that have an array of choices to offer, suit your budget and also lasts for a longer period, then ceramic tile is the best option for you.

Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom

Among the different tiles available, ceramic tiles are considered as one of the best bathroom tiles because they fit perfectly in all the above mentioned criteria. They are available in different colors and patterns, are suitable for different kinds of budget and are durable. Ceramic tiles are available in two versions: the glazed and the unglazed ones. The glazed ones are extra smooth and shiny, but, are slippery; whereas the unglazed ones are not slippery. If you install glazed tiles in the bathroom, you will have to place rugs on them. If you are looking for a ceramic tile shower base, then you can go for the unglazed ones as they are slip-resistant. Both these varieties of tiles are available in different color options.

When talking of tile designs, you simply have a great choice for the colors, styles and patterns. Bathroom ceramic tiles are available in nearly all the colors and shades. You can either go for a single color for the entire flooring and contrast it with the wall color, or mix and match two different colored ceramic tiles for the wall and the floor. Contrasting the color of tiles with bathroom accessories can also be one of the options. Nowadays people also go for the ceramic tile paint as painting on these tiles is easier and can be done at home. Secondly, you can also create a mosaic design on the wall as well as on the floor using different colored ceramic tiles. Secondly, ceramic tile murals are also very popular these days and be definitely included in themed bathrooms. As there are various ceramic tile patterns available, you can surely find one that suits the theme and type of your bathroom (modern, classic, Mediterranean, etc.)

One of the other advantage of bathroom ceramic wall tile or floor tiles is that they are relatively durable and resistant to temperature changes. Secondly, cleaning ceramic tile floors is also easy and can be done using the regular detergent and water. Occasionally using disinfectants is also essential as these tiles are prone to fungal growth. Installing ceramic tiles at home is a cost-effective way of saving money as professional help can be expensive. Bathroom ceramic tile flooring cost can also vary according to the type of tile (glazed/ unglazed), color, style, pattern, size, etc. One can get a ceramic tile from $1-$25 per sq ft.

As a summation of the above, we can conclude that among the different tiles available for bathroom, ceramic tile is simply the best. If you are still in doubt over the benefits of these tiles, you can research in the market or on the Internet to check them out and get the best deals! Good luck!