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An Overview of Aluminum Paint

An Overview of Aluminum Paint

Aluminum paint is a very tough, durable, and resistant paint. Let us look at the pros and cons of this paint and how to use it.
Pragya T
Aluminum paint is a type of coating which is used on many home improvement projects which involve surfaces like wood, metal, and masonry. It consists of a resin base which is filled with solid flecks of aluminum. The resin present in the mixture helps the paint to flow and gives the paint its durability and strength, while aluminum flakes provide the paint a shiny metallic finish. Here are various pros and cons of this paint that you should be aware of.

Pros and Cons

Painting process using this paint can be very long and a bit tedious, as one needs to carefully prepare the surface prior to painting. Also, the drying of the paint takes quite long, and to get the best results, one needs to clean the fresh coat of the paint, and then apply another layer of aluminum paint, and so on... Also, this paint comes only in a metallic color, which gives limited options to people who want to paint with different colors. Another disadvantage of this paint is that you can't use it during low temperatures.

These were the disadvantages of aluminum paint, however it has more advantages than disadvantages. This paint can be used for many surfaces like metal and wood. It produces a glossy, metallic finish which looks good and has a very good durability. Also, it has an excellent resistance to many elements and it can resist moisture, weather, rust, oil, salt spray, and grease. One can use it on exterior or interior surfaces which include wood and metal. One can conveniently apply this paint by using a brush, roller, or an airless spray gun. You can even buy aluminum spray paint cans, which you can use on various objects. If you wish to use this paint for the purpose of indoor or exterior painting, then use the below guidelines.

How to Use it?

First, select a good-quality paint product. One can use aluminum paint for siding or roofs or for other appropriate objects. The most important step before you start the painting process is to prepare the surface. Clean the surface well, if the old paint is in good shape, then clean the surface of any grease, grime, dirt, etc. If the surface is uneven, then sand it down. If the surface has any gaps, cracks, or holes then fill them up. However, if the surface is not in a good condition, then use steel brushes to scrape off any rust or scales.

The surface should be made smooth and cleaned off with a cloth. Also, clean up the floor properly, so the dust from the floor doesn't hinder the painting job. Primer can be used on old surfaces so that the paint will adhere properly. Then apply the paint, make sure you do it quickly and keep on moving the paint to prevent it from settling down. Apply a smooth coat of the paint either using brush, roller, or an air gun. Then let the surface dry at least for 24 hours. Once the first layer of the paint is dry, then again clean the painted layer and sand down any uneven surfaces. Then clean up with a soft cloth and then apply the second layer. This step can be repeated if you want another coat. Make sure you maintain proper safety while using the paint.

Stripping aluminum paint is done by using a chemical, and if you wish to get rid of this paint, then make sure you observe proper safety to avoid any dangers. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the proper guidelines.