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Advantages of Using Paintable Wallpaper

Advantages of Using Paintable Wallpaper
Have you ever considered using paintable wallpaper? It is one of the best wall options that people go with, today. Here are a few advantages of using this kind of wallpaper.
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Paintable wallpapers are made by combining wood flour and linseed oil, molded on a paper backing, to cover walls. They are also known as textured wallpaper and are very heavy because of the ingredients that are used to make them. There are various types of wallpaper which are used according to one's convenience, where they, too, require a layer of primer, before they can be painted.
Along with the entire wallpaper, there is a border which is also available, so that you can add an element of style to the entire wall. This wallpaper is a great option over normal ones, as they give you the liberty to choose the paint color for your home, giving walls a luxurious and stylish finish. Thus, if you are thinking of getting them installed, let's take a look at your options.
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This wallpaper can be used on absolutely any type of wall surface, like concrete, wood, stone, etc., and can completely transform your interiors. The best part about this kind of wallpaper, is that it isn't printed, but molded in such a way, that it looks like actual molded plaster, carved wood, or embossed fabric, depending on the kind of style you choose. It looks natural when seen by the naked eye, where you get a perfectly stylish wall finish.

It can be used as wall art for the interiors of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. Latex paint is usually used to paint them, rather than oil paint, as latex-based primers adhere, easily.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that the wallpaper gives you the liberty to choose any color of paint coating. This is because it usually comes in white, which can be painted and repainted, making it extremely versatile.
  • They do not need to be removed, as they have a shelf life of nearly 30 years, where all you have to do is repaint the existing surface, by adding a base coat of white. They can hold multiple coats of paint without losing its original texture.
  • Even though they look posh and expensive, they are quite reasonable as a one-time investment. Instead of getting drywall installed and then painting over, these are by far a better option. You can also use them over paneling, which will give your home a more appealing look.
  • Your walls are also protected from damage and crumbling, since the wallpaper provide protection. Plus, you don't need plaster molding to support them. It is also resistant to tearing, scratching and, is definitely more durable than regular wallpaper.
White relief paintable, closeup wallpaper pattern
Paintable patterned wallpaper closeup