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Ceramic Tile Backsplash Designs

Ceramic Tile Backsplash Designs to Make Your Kitchen Look Striking

A colorful ceramic tile backsplash can be the focal point of your kitchen. This write-up provides information on different types of backsplash patterns that will not only transform your kitchen, but also protect the wall behind the sink or the stove from splashes or food spills.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
If you have plain, dull-looking tiles on the walls of your kitchen, the best way to enhance the kitchen interiors is to install a decorative ceramic tile kitchen backsplash. A backsplash is a panel behind the stove or the sink that protects the walls from spills and splashes. Moreover, these are easy to clean and maintain, and score high in terms of durability. These tiles come in an array of colors and textures. All you need to do is choose a design and color that would blend well with the design elements of your kitchen.
Design Ideas
If you are a cooking enthusiast who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you should certainly think about giving your kitchen a makeover by installing a ceramic tile mural. A tile mural is a design made up of several tiles. Nowadays, you can find amazing hand-painted and kiln-fired decorative ceramic tile murals. If you are not happy with the designs that are available in the market, you needn't worry. You just need to tell the artist about the design that you have in mind.
If budget is not an issue, you can buy the expensive, designer murals that actually look like a work of art. The popular designs are the ones that incorporate floral patterns, birds, wildlife, palm trees, or beautiful landscapes. These come in vibrant colors and different types of textures. You just need to select the one that will complement the kitchen countertop and the cabinets. Make sure that it doesn't clash with the color scheme of your kitchen.
Another option would be to design your tile backsplash by putting colorful designed ceramic tiles in between the plain tiles. However, make sure that the texture and color of these tiles blends in well with the plain tiles. Continuous tile designs or tile murals with border tiles can also be used. You could use contrasting colors. If you don't want a dramatic look, you have the option of installing checkered pattern, diamond pattern, or striped patterns. A combination of ceramic and glass tiles can also make the interiors look amazing.
Caring for the Backsplash
The increasing popularity of ceramic tiles is mainly due to their durability. Nowadays, some of the ceramic tiles are hand-painted with certain oxides and fired to a high temperature. So, a food splatter will not cause any damage. These are easy to maintain and you can clean them using any detergent. These will last for a very long time. The colors and the design pattern will not fade due to moisture or heat. You just need to clean the tiles with a regular household cleaning solution.
Installing a colorful and decorative ceramic tile mural will surely spruce up the kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Install a unique backsplash to give your kitchen a makeover.