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Best Rug Pad

Some of the Best Brands That Manufacture Beautiful Floor Rug Pads

While you invest in quality floor rugs, adding a really good rug pad to its base needs no mention. Well, there are a number of brands in the market that have a wide range of rug pads for providing a perfect base for floor rugs. Here are the details of the same to help you pick the best rug pad.
Mamta Mule
Rug pads play an important role in increasing the life of floor rugs. While you grace your floors with beautiful rugs, these pieces wear much quickly from bottom than they do from the top surface. So adding one between the rugs and floor is essential to keep your rugs from rubbing against the floor. Well, I am sure that you have invested in good quality rugs which are perfectly spicing up the beauty of your rooms. So it's time to purchase quality rug pads as well to keep your rug's bottom surface from getting damaged and dirty. Here are the details of best rugs pads available in the market which you can browse through and finalize your pick.
Best Brands Available
Karastan Rug Pads
These have a thermo-bonded surface and waffled latex backing which offer a slip resistant bottom for your beautiful rugs. They are environment friendly and are non-allergic as well. These have sound absorbing property and also resist bacterial growth. You can pick a pad from the range of sizes, shapes and colors available in the collection, depending upon the size of your floor rugs.
Rug Pads by no-muv Corp. Inc
Get the no-muv rug pads and see your floor rugs lying flat on your floors without any wrinkling and bunching. These pads have a stiff and tough surface which stays flat on the floor. Some designs also offer a cushioned effect adding a soft feel to the rug surface. These pads have a nice grip and offer a skid resistant base for your beautiful area rugs. You can browse through LongLife, Dura-Hold Plus, Omni Pad, and Rug-Check Plus which are other product-lines from the same house.
Rug Pads by Vantage Industries
Vantage industries has a good product line of rug pads, all of which are a must checkout. The collection has a range of options for wooden floors, carpets, stone, and various other surfaces. These are available in various sizes so that you have a piece perfectly suitable for the size of your rug and type of your floor surface.
Rug Pads by Ballard Designs
Apart from the huge collection of rugs, Ballard Designs also has a wide variety. You can find specially designed rug pads for hardwood floors and carpets in this collection, all of which are slip resistant. Get the ultimate cushioned pads from this collection by Ballard Designs and add a touch of luxury to your great looking rugs. Apart from these, the multilayer and specially-designed rug pads are also amongst the 'must checkout' products.
Rug Dots
Rug Dots offer cost-effective rug pads that make a perfect base for the small and large rugs. You need not trim or invest time in fitting, sticking and adjusting these. A single pack of rug dots can be used for multiple rugs, hence saving your money while offering a trouble free solution.
You can purchase any of the aforementioned brands through online shopping websites. Make sure that you browse through a few such shopping websites before buying a piece. The prices of these products often differ according to sellers and you can get really cheap deals on some websites. Reading the reviews and comparing the features and specifications of shortlisted products is the ultimate way to find out a quality product which is rightly suitable for your needs.
Make sure that you shop for the right-sized rug pad that stays neatly below the floor rugs and also adds a slip resistant and thick base for the same. With plenty of options available in the market, I am sure that you will find a perfect piece for your floor rugs, area rugs and corner rugs as well. So, browse through the range of options and collections from each brand and get ready to set quality pads below your rugs.