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Basement Color Schemes

Basement Color Schemes

Take a look at some great color schemes you can use for your basement and give it that long overdue makeover, to transform it into any kind of comfort zone you want it to be.
Puja Lalwani
When you think of a basement, what crosses your mind? Is it a dull, gloomy, wet room that you wouldn't want to ever get into? Or is it a room that you would like to brighten up with a dash of color and use for absolutely anything you feel like? The latter thought seems more inviting, doesn't it? Don't you just want to brighten up that dull space and put it to better use? Don't you want to cozy up in your basement den, come alive in a basement gym, or enjoy a great game of pool in your basement game room? These are just a few options and only you know what best use your basement could be put to.
Now, to achieve any of the aforementioned purposes, you must ensure that the environment you create supports your cause. This is usually done by means of color, which can be added by painting your basement walls, by adding a colorful carpet or rug, or by means of the furniture and accessories you place in the room. What are some great basement color schemes then? Let's find out.
Good Color Schemes for a Basement
Basements usually are dull and gloomy, which is why any color you use should be light or bright; a color that revives the room and gives it a refreshing appearance. Using very dark colors in a basement will make it look cramped and somber. You want something that will liven it up, that will make the room a place where you WANT to spend time. All the dark colors that have been given below are only to be used in minimal amounts, to accentuate the look of the room. Keeping all these tips in mind, here are some great color schemes for basements.
For a Basement that is a Home Theater
Gray Red Black

This is a wonderful color scheme that works perfectly for a basement that you wish to use as a home theater. Because a home theater does not require too much natural light or to be bright, you can afford to play with dark colors for such a purpose. The best way to use this combination is black for the sofas, gray (or white) for the walls, and the red for accessories such as curtains, cushions, showpieces, or even the T.V cabinet.
For a Basement that is a Study/Den
Orange Off-white Olive Green

This color combination works well for a study or den that should be bright and lively so that it makes you want to get down to work. Orange, a fiery color, is inspirational, while the olive green and off white work to soothe a stressed and tense mind. Combined together, these colors can work true magic and make you productive enough to achieve results. Use the bright orange as an accent color on a narrow wall, and combine the olive green and off white in the remaining paint, furniture and accessories. The effect will be divine.
For a Basement that is a Game Room
Dark Green Yellow Light Green

Somehow I always tend to associate a game room with the color green. Maybe it is the green of the ping pong table, a foosball table, or that of a pool table that causes this association. Either way, even if you don't have any of these in the room and are using the game room just to enjoy some indoor games, this color combination is probably one of the most relaxing ones. And because it is a game room, you can happily add in a dash of all other bright colors such as red, orange, purple, blue, etc. Imagine a patchwork rug on the floor of a myriad of colors in a room that exudes soft shades of yellow and green! Just the perfect combination for a room that spells out 'GO WILD'! Use yellow for the walls and both shades of green to accessorize. If you do have a pool table or the like in your game room, let it be the only dark shade of green in that area.
For a Basement that is a Guest Bedroom
Light Blue Purple Lavender

Guest bedrooms that have cool, neutral colors are a great choice when used in a basement. Your guests should not feel out of energy after entering this room. In fact, these colors should revive their spirits yet allow them to unwind at the same time. This is the effect these soothing colors have on the mind. Try it out for your basement, with appropriate lighting, and you can't go wrong. Keep the walls light blue and play with the other two colors for the upholstery and bed linen in the room. Make room for mirrors to reflect these colors and have the room appear larger. Use interesting lamp fixtures and lighting to further enhance the effect you are trying to create in this room.
So the kind of colors you can play with for the basement, are those that are ideally bright but allow a certain amount of contrast to bring that dull space to life. Even if you don't use these color combinations, you must have got a fair idea of the kind of effect you are trying to create in the basement. Paints and accessories are not the only way to bring color into a basement. You may also use wallpaper with fine prints (for smaller areas) or bold prints (for larger areas) to create a much-needed contrast in the room. Whatever you use, make sure you feel comfortable with it when you are in the room. Any color that makes you restless should not be used. Colors do, after all, have an effect on our states of mind.