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Plate Hanging Ideas

Plate Hanging Ideas
If you want to create a new decorative feature in your house, then it may be a good idea to check out your crockery cupboard. Plate hanging is a trend that is catching on and with the plate hanging ideas given in this article, you can create a visually interesting wall hanging.
Tulika Nair
Sure plates have a functional purpose. After all you need this piece of dinnerware to eat your food. But what if we told you that you can use plates to create an interesting piece of art decor in your house? No, this is no joke. Plate hanging is a decorative idea that is not only visually appealing if done well but also a way of saving on space. With the right plate hanging idea you can create an art piece that is sure to dazzle your guests. Whether you place them in a line or create a pattern with them, plates with their vividness and colorfulness can brighten up a space and change its appearance completely. All you need to do is pick an idea and hang the plates.
Ideas for Hanging Plates
Hanging plates is one of the cheapest home decorating ideas that you can use and if done in the proper manner it can be a beautiful and effective wall hanging. Putting up plates on the wall is not a very difficult task as plate hangers are easily available in the market and can be bought for just a couple of dollars. You can choose to buy hangers that can be stuck to the back of the plates or ones that are fastened to the plates with springs. Before hanging the plates, ensure that you create marks on where you want to place them so that you get a good idea. Now let us take a look at some ideas that you can use.
Frame Your Plate
Plate Frame
You want to try out hanging plates as a decorative artifact but are still unsure? Well, an idea that you could use to start off with is to use plates as a frame for a painting that you have or a photograph, or even a mirror without a frame. If you are not sure about creating such a huge artifact, then use a huge plate that is surrounded by smaller plates in the same design as is shown in the image. For such a decor, ensure that you use plates that are not too huge or if you are using bigger plates, then you use them as a half frame. Try to use plates from the same collection and match the colors with the colors in the painting, so that there is no visual distraction.
Pick a Pattern
Plate Frame
With most people, when you go crockery shopping you end up picking the same pattern of plates and dinnerware. This is probably because of you are predisposed to a certain sense of aesthetics. If you have several plates with a similar underlying pattern, then put them up together to create an interesting wall decor. If you have several plates with stripes as a design element, then use one plate from each set and hang them up together.
Size it Up
Plate on wall
Another brilliant idea for hanging plates could be to mix and match plates of different sizes and then hang them up together at different heights. When you are hanging the plates ensure that no two plates are the same size as that may amount to over-cluttering the space. If you choose you can also decide to frame the plates by hanging an antique frame around them. When hanging plates positioning and balance are two very important things that you need to pay attention to.
Color Me Bright
plate on wall
For a blank white wall nothing can be better pick-me-up than hanging plates in different bright colors together. Pick plates in colors like lime green, yellow, orange, fuchsia pink, cherry red, electric blue, etc., and then hang them up together. Try and procure plates in solid colors as they tend to stand out as compared to patterned plates. For a twist in the decorative style, you can choose to hang the plates in swirling fashion instead of straight lines.
These are just some of the many plate hanging ideas that you can use for your house. Hanging plates as a decorative artifact can be an interesting change from the usual photograph or painting that hangs on the walls of your house.