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How to Hang a Mural Wallpaper

How to Hang a Mural Wallpaper
Wallpapers are used to transform the entire look of a room. Nowadays, many people are opting for murals, as they add an artistic touch to the wall. Instructions regarding hanging a mural wallpaper are presented in this DecorDezine article.
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Hanging or installing a wallpaper is a task that needs a lot of time, effort, and precision. If you are not sure about how to hang a mural wallpaper, it is better to start with a small room, using inexpensive wallpaper. If it turns out well, you can experiment with a larger room and more expensive and decorative options.

Tips For Wallpaper Installation
  • Before pasting the wallpaper, unroll it. This will help you to check if there are any color flaws on the paper and will also help in curling the paper outward.
  • All the rolls should be from the same roll or dye lot, else it won't look good.
  • Before sticking the wallpaper on the wall, you will have to cut it. While cutting, make sure that you do not cut a dominant design. If it is done, then the design might be sliced.
  • The wallpaper should be 1 inch above the casing.
  • While tracing the plumb line, it should be 1/16 inch away from where you actually want to place the wallpaper. The seam should not be placed on the plumb line.
  • Do not use a white chalk as it might become prominently noticeable.
Steps to Hang Mural Wallpaper
  1. The wall which you have chosen to hang the wallpaper should not consist of light switches or some outlets so that it will disturb the flow of the mural.
  2. The wall should be free of any kind of dirt, debris or oil that will affect the hanging of mural. For cleaning the wall, you can use a blend of water and vinegar.
  3. Unroll the wallpaper and check all its pieces.
  4. Mark the point from where you are going to start hanging the mural. Mark a straight line with the help of the plumb line or a straight edge ruler.
  5. Lay the section on a level surface. Cover the whole panel with a thick coat of adhesive. Apply it evenly on the whole panel including the edges.
  6. Place the panel on the wall along the line which has been marked previously. After you place it, slowly unravel taking care that the paper doesn't tear.
  7. With a cloth or your hands, smooth out the bubbles in a gentle way.
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 for all the panels.
  9. Allow the papers to dry thoroughly. And with this, you have successfully completed your wallpaper installation.
You can choose the wallpaper of your favorite color and theme. If the wallpaper has a large design on it, select a solid-colored upholstery for your sofa, and a contrasting rug, so that the room looks glamorous.
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