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Interior Paint Reviews - Best Interior House Paint

Interior Paint Reviews - Best Interior House Paint

You may be one wrongly selected paint away from messing up the look and charm of the interior of your home. Here are some reviews to help you get the best interior house paint on the market.
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
If there is anything that may significantly alter the look and feel of a room, it is painting its interior. Having said that, interior painting is not just any painting session. Needless to mention, fulfilling a paint job requires preparation, the right tools and techniques, but above all, the right paint. If you make haste in the choice of the paint, odds are, your day might end up in disappointment. So to avoid such a situation, go for the best interior paint and paint your house pretty!
Kilz Casual Colors

With Kilz Casual Colors you can choose your color combination from the 1000 different standard and custom colors available in this brand. This paint does wonders for covering up minor flaws or imperfections. It is an impressive stain-resistant and protects surfaces against splatter and mildew. The paint is also known for its log-lasting durability. It is the best choice for interior painting of rooms for kids. The reason being its scrubbability. The tintable nature of the paint provides easy matching of the desired custom colors. For top-notch results and effects on your rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, doors, etc., the Kilz Casual Colors Paint interior paint fits the bill.
Benjamin Moore Aura

Leaving aside its high cost, Benjamin Moore Aura has proved to be among the top players. Daunting tasks like painting a light-shaded color over a dark one can be made easy by applying this paint. Besides giving a decent covering to surfaces, the paint is also easy to apply. It promises long durability and it is also washable. Benjamin Moore Aura paint does not get altered in its look and beauty in spite of damp environmental conditions and repeated washing of surfaces. The paint has been manufactured using the paint technology called ColorLock. One coat of the paint is enough to give a complete coverage, and drying time is also less, compared to other paints.
Valspar Signature Colors

Professionals and homeowners have given satisfied feedback for the Valspar Signature Colors Interior Paint. The Duramax Ti3 technology ensures superior finish of the paint work and the paint's longevity. This product is ideal for painting walls, ceilings and trim. It has enough coverage of 400 sq. ft., with a quantity of 1 gallon. Drying time is longer in humid and cold conditions. However, for normal conditions, it takes 30 minutes to dry up. The Valspar Signature does not come up with problems like 'rubberizing' or 'blistering'. Apart from providing a desirable covering, the paint is also reasonably priced.
Benjamin Moore Regal

It is difficult to expect high performance in a budget constraint scenario. However, when it comes to Benjamin Moore Regal, it fits the bill just fine. The main selling points for this product are its good two-coat coverage, and high resistance to fading. This paint is appreciated particularly for its smooth drying process, and nonsticky finish. One downside of this paint could be its inability to dry in an hour or cover in one coat. But if we leave out on these two, this product stands out well as a quality paint at a reasonable price.
Behr Premium Plus

A 100% acrylic latex product of Behr, this paint can be used for family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kids' rooms, hallways, kitchen, bathrooms, doors, windows, ceilings and trim. The paint is available in flat, satin and semi gloss types. Surfaces that are worked upon by this paint are easy to be washed without peeling of the paint. This paint has also been rated among the best by most testers and domestic users. Not to mention, the paint also keeps surfaces stain free and protected from mildew growth.
True Value Easy Care

The True Value Easy Care Interior Paint comes with a lifetime warranty and features of lasting durability and wonderful finish. Expert testers have rated this quality product to leave a long-lasting impression on surfaces. You can avail this product in flat enamel, eggshell, stain, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes. Its scrubbability, stain resistance, hiding performance, resistance against mildew and non-splatter formula are the buying points for this product. True Value Easy Care Interior Paint looks beautiful on the interiors of your house and relaxes your eyes.
Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams is one of the best-selling brands in exterior and interior paints in America. The reason this company's products sell like hot cakes is the availability of its stores in nearly every city. The second reason most people prefer this product is that it offers a wide range of paints and primers. There are hardly any instances when someone has not found a product of his/her choice. And coming to the most important selling point of Sherwin Williams paint is the quality it offers, which is definitely worth the investment. Not to forget the reliability factor which has been attached to the name of this company since long. It has always been appreciated for its color consistency and application performance.
Once you have made up your mind on the best paint for your house interior, follow the required instructions before you set off to work. Painting the interiors can be messy, and a poor job can turn out to be a nightmare. Grab as much information as you can from various reviews and choose the best paint for your house.
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