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Top Rated Hot Tubs

Top Rated Hot Tubs

Is there a better way of relaxing after a tiring day other than immersing yourself in a hot tub? Read these DecorDezine reviews before investing in one.
Bhakti Satalkar
How often have you wished, that you had a hot bath that you could soak yourself in to let go off a stressful day? One can always visit a number of spas to relax, but the luxury of relaxing in a hot tub in the comfort of one's home simply cannot be compared. Apart from providing relief to stiff joints, it leaves you feeling relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Hot Tub Reviews

Comfort Line Spa 2 Go Portable Spa
It is an inflatable spa, which is equipped with micro air jet system, which gives a relaxing massaging action. It has 250 gallon capacity and is able to seat 4 people in it comfortably. Setting up the tub is not a difficult task either. The Spa-2-go is very easy to assemble and requires no installation. It simply needs to be plugged into a 120v household outlet and inflates quickly using the spa's motor. At the same time, there are no special plumbing needs one has to cater to. The outside diameter of the bath is 82", while the inner diameter is 28". It comes with a filtration system, which ensures the water is clean.

SeaOtter Woodworks Wooden Hot Tub
It is hand built using Western Red Cedar wood. The wood contains natural oils, which are anti-bacterial in nature. The oils from the wood ensure that it is bacteria-free. Different heating techniques are used to heat the spa, such as electricity, propane or wood heater. The one which is equipped with wood heater does not have a pump and also does not have jet sprays. The water is heated in these tubs using natural convection method. The heater has a stainless steel water jacket, which surrounds an airtight firebox.

In-Joy Spas - Inground Hot Tub
The In-Joy Spas are permanent structures, making them ideal for those preferring to instal one in their house. Some people are of the opinion that these baths lack the convenience and comfort of the other spas. It has 21 hydro massage jets and it can accommodate six people. The jets are ergonomically positioned with contoured seats.