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Tile Backsplash Installation Cost

Tile Backsplash Installation Cost

Tile backsplash installation is an area which requires special attention when doing up the interior of your kitchen. This article will give you information about the installation process and cost of tile backsplash.
Charlie S
Kitchen backsplash is an important part of a kitchen because of the protection it offers your kitchen wall from food spills. By installing tiles in the backsplash region, you can make your kitchen look very elegant and improve the overall kitchen decor greatly. There are a wide variety of tiles available for the kitchen backsplash and hence, the cost of installing a tile backsplash will depend on the kind of tile you select for your kitchen. The kitchen backsplash installation cost also depends on whether you do the task yourself or hire the services of a professional. So, before I acquaint you with the ongoing tile backsplash installation cost in the market, let us first understand the tile backsplash installation process in short.

Tile Backsplash Installation

Before you begin with the installation process, you should be ready with the material required for the same. The following materials are a must for the installation:
  • Tiles of your choice
  • Tile cutter
  • Grout filler
  • Tile spacer
  • Tile mastic
  • Backerboard
I advice you to check the quality of the materials and verify their count by counting them yourself. This is because you would definitely not want to fall short, resulting from breakage or leftovers while installation.

Here are the main steps in the installation of a tile backsplash:
  • The first step is the preparation of the base for tiles. You need to fix the uneven spaces on the drywall before installation. In case you are having a painted drywall, the tiles can be installed over it after sanding the surface
  • You need to remove old tile backsplash (if any) before the new tile installation
  • Install the backerboard and locate the mid-point of the backsplash. After this, you need to draw horizontal and vertical marking lines from this focal point
  • Now, start the tile installation from the bottom row after applying the tile mastic. Go on installing tiles one after the other, and cut them whenever necessary
  • After the mastic has dried, you can apply the sand less grout with rubber float which has been prepared after following instructions and suggestions from the manufacturer
  • It takes around an hour for the grout to set. Once this is done, you can use a wet sponge to clean the surface
Now that you have understood the installation process, let us know the tile backsplash installation prices.

Installation Cost

As said above, the cost depends on the kind of material you wish to have. The cost of glass tile backsplash can be between $10 to $15 for a single square foot. Also, the use of a thinset which is required in some cases as a base, a sand less grout and grout sealer can raise the total installation cost to around $25 per square foot. On the other hand, if you wish to have stainless steel tiles, you will have to pay around $22 per square foot. Ceramic tile backsplash is comparatively cheaper as it will cost you just around $15 per square foot including the additional costs on the thinset, grout and grout sealer which are also required for glass tile installation.

For those who want even cheaper options, the glazed ceramic tiles would be the right choice as you can get them for $6 to $10 per square foot. The prices of normal tiles for the backsplash are between $7 to $14 per square foot. However, if you opt for fancy or designer tiles then the cost be as high as $50 per square foot.

These costs can be minimized by learning and executing the installation process yourself. You should prepare a budget of the entire installation and stick to it. Systematic installation of tiles will help you get a fabulous look for your backsplash which you will always love to watch.