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How to Install a Jetted Tub

How to Install a Jetted Tub

Installing a jetted tub needs -- if you want to do it yourself -- considerable amount of plumbing skills and prior experience. On the other hand, you can tackle this task, even if, you do not have the experience but are good at handling equipments.
Azmin Taraporewala
A jetted bathtub is one of the most sought-after tub options that one may choose to adorn their bath stalls with. In the recent past, bathroom decor has gained an inconceivable momentum in terms of being the eloquent section of homes. One is no more coy about their bath area, rather they are all the more confident about their bath stalls being a center of attraction in their homes. A radical shift in mentality has resulted in families spending dollops of dollars in a single go on constructing bathrooms and revamping bathtubs. If you are considering to renovate your bathroom, then installing a jetted tub is what you may zero down on. A jetted bathtub is a type of whirlpool tub, that can be installed in your shower stall. A jetted tub is a tub that has a jet or a motor attached to it, in order to, control the movement of water while using it. This jet driven tub is a great option for you to relax in the comforts that your bathroom creates for you.
Installing a Jetted Tub
Installing a jet tub can be an easy-to-do activity, provided you are ready to follow the instructions given in this section. Read through to find a step-by-step illustration.

A jetted tub with Manual
Eye shield
Screw driver
GFCI outlet
Soldering Machine
Wooden rim
Compound leveling putty

Check the Space

When you have planned to install a jetted tub; you have to get rid of your standard tub. When you uninstall the tub, you may notice that the space it consumed is considerably lesser than the space the new installed jetted tub will consume. You may need to modify the existing frame and make the necessary changes in the setting. The frame should be in the position to support the weight of the water, jetted tub and that of one or two persons using it. If there are too many changes to make, a plumber who knows his job well should be consulted.

Arrange an Access
When you are done with checking the space for the installation of the jetted tub, wear your gloves and your eye protective gear. Now you need to make arrangements for the panels that will shelter the jetted tub, least you require to repair or replace a section of the same. It is your choice where you would like to place your panels. You may fix it to the ceiling or beneath the floor. You have to make sure that you make an arrangement that is extremely viable for you in terms of carrying out your cleaning or repairing procedures.

Check the Water Connections
When you have made arrangements for the paneling, look at the water flow. If possible, make the adjustments with the existing fittings. Through this procedure, you would also manage to check the hot and cold water supply in the respective taps. The water supply has to be ideal. If, however, the water flow is not smooth and has a fine or irregular water flow, it would be to your advantage that you connect a pipe to your existing fittings so as to increase the flow of water.

Securing the Tub
When you are on the verge of placing the tub, level it with a wooden rim. Placing a wooden rim around the jetted tub would aid in stabilizing the tub better. Make certain that the jetted tub you purchased has foam pads delivered with the tub. Attach the foam pads to the tub and secure them proficiently with a compound, so that the tub when used, ceases to vibrate in an uncomfortable manner.

Installing a GFCI
It is imperative that a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is installed before you start to use the jetted tub. It prevents an electric shock if and when a leak occurs and thus, an altogether different circuit connection needs to be installed in order to secure the jetted tub.
So, go ahead and make the desired changes to your bathroom decor for a plush bathing experience. At the end of a tiring day, make sure that you take some time out for a bath that will eliminate stress and tension from your body.