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Stair Lift Prices

Stair Lift Prices

Stair lift prices depend on a number of things including the brand and the process of their installation. Keep reading the following article to find out estimated stair lift costs.
Rutuja Jathar
Depending on another person for moving around in your own household can be really frustrating. This problem is prominent amongst the elderly or people with disabilities who don't have a residential elevator. Mobility impaired people are also left stranded on the ground floor, in many public places due to the same reason. Well, there is a good solution for this problem in the form of stair lifts. Also known as chair lifts, these lifts are a real life savior for elderly as well as mobility impaired people. Chairs are permanently installed at one side of the lift and they can be moved up and down with help of electricity. There are various types of stair lifts like curved stair lift, wheelchair stair lift, electric stair lift and straight chair lift. Depending on the type and brand that you choose, the prices are likely to vary.

How Do Stair Lifts Work

Stair lifts for the specially abled is the best option for those who live in a multi-storied house. Rails are assembled to the staircases and then the chair is installed on the rail. The user is required to sit on this swivel seat and fasten himself up with the chair, using the seat belt. Once done, he just needs to press the start button. All parts of the stair chair lift are made of aluminum, that makes it more durable. Generally, a stair chair lift carries about 290 to 350 lbs of weight and hence one can say that it is suitable for all. The best thing about these lifts is that they have a flexible start and stop functions. Some lift chairs are fold-able and hence you can keep them folded till the time you need them. Stair chair lift prices are certainly lesser than that of the regular lifts. Let's find out more.

Average Cost

Most of the stair chair lifts are available with almost the same basic functions. Prices that are mentioned below belong to some well recognized and popular stair lift brands. There are various other brands and models of stair lifts available on the market, and hence, you need to check their product reviews before actually purchasing them for your house.

Acorn Stair Lift
Amongst many brands of stairway chair lifts, most customers opt for Acorn Stair Lifts. This chair works on DC power cells that are rechargeable. Some of the best features of Acorn lifts are the no maintenance power supply, easy paddle control, lockable isolation switch, digital display, smooth start and stop functions, swivel seat, foldable seat and footrest, infra red remote control functions and lifetime warranty. You can also get outdoor models as well. Average list price is around USD 5,000. However, you may save as much as USD 2,000, if you do online shopping or discount shopping.

Bruno Stair Lift
Another brand of stairway chair lifts which is popular amongst the customers is Bruno. This is one of the best selling residential non-electric and electric stair chair lift brands which is affordable and equipped with all the required comfort features. This chair lift doesn't contain a belt are still comfortable and safe enough for a smooth journey up and down the stairs. This lift is powered by two 12 volt batteries. It also comes with foldable footrest, arms and seat and hence it is a convenient option for you when it comes to stair chair lifts. Average list price is around USD 4,700, but you can get them at around USD 3,800, with certain online discount stores.

Sterling Stair Lift
When a customer wants a reliable brand that offers the best prices, one of the best options is Sterling stair lifts. These lifts are available in three types as standard, space savers and perch chair lifts. These lifts work on 24 volt DC power and they are quite easy to install as well. Sterling Lifts also offers special bath lifts and curved wheelchair lifts. If you want to do the installation on your own, then you may get Sterling Lift at around USD 1,700, while the deluxe models are available at about USD 3,500 and above. These prices may vary depending on the area and the dealer that you choose to buy the stair lifts from.

All in all, wheelchair stair lift prices vary in the gamut of USD 1,000 to USD 5,000. However, along with the manufacturer's price, you also need to add the installation charges, labor and other home improvement jobs that you might have to do, to accommodate the lift in your dwelling. Counting all these things together, a stair lift may cost you somewhere around USD 15,000.