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Residential and Commercial Steel Roofing

Residential and Commercial Steel Roofing
Find some relevant information about commercial and residential steel roofing here, along with its advantages.
Poushali Ganguly
Steel roofing is much in vogue now as it has excellent strength, durability, and is also resistant to fire. It is not only popular for its features in terms of longevity, but also for the variety of colors and profiles it is available in. It can be classified into two varieties―mechanical lock assembly system and snap-lock assembly system. Double lock, batten seam, and T-panel are some of the common concealed fastener panels.

The advantages of steel roofing are many, which are as follows:
  • It is attractive since it comes in a wide range of colors and designs.
  • Any kind of metal roofing is non-combustible and that certainly includes steel, therefore it is safe to use.
  • Maintenance Cost is very low for metal roofing since it does not decay. It is long-lasting with no problems of discoloration and mildew.
  • Metal or steel roofs have excellent performance since they are resistant to wind, snow, water, and ice and hail shedding.
  • It also comes up as an excellent method of re-roofing existing roofs and increases the building's value.
  • Metal roofs are also very energy efficient since they act as a radiant barrier effect.
Residential Steel Roofing

Because of the advantages it offers, steel roofing emerges as the best option for all kinds of roofing solutions. The popularity of steel roofing has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. In recent times, builders across the world are using attractive durable steel roofing for all types of single-family homes, multi-family dwellings, retirement homes, and affordable housing projects because of its manifold advantages. There are various types from which the consumers have an option to choose the one that they want. The types are as follows:

Vertical Rib Formed Roofing
A profiled steel sheet is attached to the supporting structure with screws through the ribs of the sheet. These screw heads are painted to match the color of the sheet to blend in. Panel widths are approximately about 30 inches wide or greater and can be supplied in custom lengths to fit the application. This type is very popular already in most parts of the world.

Standing Seam Roofing
These designs have the particular characteristic feature of linear shadow patterns. They vary when it comes to the spacing and the design of the ribs or standing seams. The seams can be flat, hidden seams, or wide battens. As for the design and the anchoring systems, manufacturers come up with a wide range of variety. The height and width of these standing ribs, as well as their color express a broad spectrum of aesthetic expressions and add to the beauty of your house.

Tile Design Roofing
In these, case steel panels are pre-painted to create the appearance of clay or concrete tiles, which are often used in residential construction. The wide sheet widths and long lengths in steel roofing eliminate the many joints found in clay and concrete tile roofs. Moreover, their reduced weight spells savings in the roof structure and a wide variety of colors and textures are also available.

Commercial Steel Roofing

The application of pre-painted sheet steel coat to a pitched roof is generally termed as architectural roof. This type of roof is distinguished from the low slope structural standing seam roofs in the way they are designed. The architectural roof products are basically designed so that they can be installed over a roof sheathing material and not to span between supports. Also, the adjacent roofing sheets are not sealed together, as a result of which the assembly must have a significant slope to accommodate water run-off. In case of commercial roofing, it is more about the utility and less about the beauty of the place. Though commercial places are also emphasizing more and more on the beauty of the work arena, it not only has to be aesthetic but also an eye catcher.

A Standing Seam Roof (SSR) is a low slope roof system that is designed in such a way that it can hold some standing water. The side laps between adjacent panels are sealed and there are no through fasteners connecting the cover to the structure. Thermal expansion and contraction is managed through a sliding clip, which is integrated into the side lap. These roof systems have an application in the retrofit of existing roofs. The SSR is a very light weight assembly and removing the ballast from a traditional built-up roof can often be enough to accommodate the new roof if you want to upgrade the structure. This is a system which is proven long term roof, and has a very low life cycle cost.

Steel roofing is not only beneficial to the owner but also to the builder and the environment. It has a better resale value and is also durable, but more than that, it fits your budget like it was tailor made for you. The installation takes lesser time and the quality of the product is consistent. It is easy to work with and comes in a wide range of colors and designs. So now you can let your imagination take a wide leap towards your dream house, which also fits your budget.
A green steel roof amongst trees
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