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A Definitive Look at the Pros and Cons of Counter Height Tables

Pros and Cons of Counter Height Tables
A counter height table is relatively taller than your standard, dinner tables, but what are its advantages and disadvantages? This DecorDezine post lets you find out if you should go ahead and get one.
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Did You Know?
Counter height tables, also known as bistro tables or gathering tables, are 34 to 36 inches high, while standard height tables are not more than 30 inches high. Both types of tables can be of any length or width.
Counter Height Dinner Table
The dinner table is an essential piece of furniture for every home, and should be chosen such that it best suits your needs. If you walk into a furniture outlet, you'll be awestruck by the amazing range of dining tables on display, in different shapes and sizes. However, counter height dining sets are a little less common, as not many people choose to go the unconventional way when it comes to choosing a dining table.

If you think a counter height dining set will best complement your home décor, then you can get one custom-made. But before that, you should learn about its pros and cons. So, here we go ...
Merits of Counter Height Tables
Unconventional they might be, but counter height tables have their own share of advantages.
Good for Small Spaces
Counter Height Table Good for Small Spaces
Since they are relatively taller, counter height tables create an illusion of space around. What's more, some counter height tables prove to be real space savers, because of the insert leaves that allow the table to be folded into a smaller unit, as and when required. Hence, they are the ideal solution for small spaces.
Ideal for Tall People
Counter height table Ideal for Tall People
Counter height tables provide that additional leg space, and are great for all those people out there who are really tall, and who often find regular height tables uncomfortable.
Allows a Better View
A counter height table is best suited for occasions where you want a better view of your surroundings, such as over the railings or wall of your patio. This is especially true for kids who, if made to sit on a tiny chair, may miss out on the lovely view of the flower garden or the sight of beautiful birds foraging on your lawn.
Brings in a Casual Feel
If you're a fun-loving individual, and this reflects in the theme and decor of your dining room, then a counter height table would probably be the right choice. This is because these tables, with their sleek designs, have a casual feel to them, and are best suited for modern dining rooms.
Ideal for Eat-In Kitchens
Counter height tables Ideal for Eat-In Kitchens
Counter height tables are the perfect match for eat-in kitchens, where they can easily serve as an extension of the kitchen counter-top to provide some additional preparation space. What's more, the height of the chairs makes it easier for people sitting on them, to have a conversation with the people standing in the kitchen.
Convenient with High Chair
Convenient with High Chair
If your toddler is sitting on a high chair next to you, then it gets difficult to feed him/her if you're sitting at a regular height dining table. However, a counter height dining set solves this problem, as the tall chairs ensure that you're sitting at the same level as your baby.
Demerits of Counter Height Tables
Before you are overwhelmed by the many advantages of counter height tables, it is recommended that you take the drawbacks into consideration.
Not So Popular
Since standard height tables are preferred by many, you'll find them in many different designs and makes. Sadly, this is not the case with counter height tables, because it's a relatively new trend that is slowly catching up. Also, if you have a counter height table, and wish to buy seating for the same, you'll find that most chairs are made to match tables of regular height. Hence, you'd probably need to get them custom-made to suit your tastes and home décor.
Relatively Less Comfortable
Relatively Less Comfortable
Most people find regular height tables more comfortable to sit at, because their feet touch the ground while seated, as opposed to counter height tables where they have to rest their feet on the chair rails. This can cause discomfort to people with back problems. However, this does not hold true for people who are exceptionally tall, as we have seen earlier.
Not Meant for the Aged and Disabled
Aged people and those with disabilities might find it difficult to make themselves comfortable sitting at a counter height table, because of the greater height. People who move around in a wheelchair will find it easier to sit on a chair of regular height, as opposed to one that is relatively taller.
Not Suitable for Formal Occasions
Standard height tables have a formal appeal unlike the counter height tables that have more of a contemporary look. Hence, the latter is generally not the best choice for a formal dinner with the family, and other formal events. Also, if your house has a traditional theme, then it is best to opt for a standard height table.
Not Safe for Kids
Not Safe for Kids
The additional height of counter height tables makes them quite unsafe for small children, who might fall off the tall chairs, and injure themselves. So, if you have kids, then a standard height table is probably a safe bet for you.
There is another type of table that is taller than a counter height table, and is known as a bar height table. These tables are 40-42 inches tall. So, have you decided on which style of table to go for?
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