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How to Make Use of Candles in Feng Shui to Enhance Positivity

How to Make Use of Candles in Feng Shui
Feng shui is the ancient Chinese science of interior decor. It is aimed towards making the living space better by harnessing positive 'chi' or energy. Using candles through feng shui brings the fire element to life, which, if used correctly, is known to bring about positive changes. Let's take a look at some of the ways in which you can make use of candles in feng shui at home.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018
Candles denote the fire element in feng shui. They evoke positive energy, which soothes the mind, and purifies and inspires its user.
Feng shui essentially combines five elements: fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. The interactions between these five elements determine the positive or negative energy flow in our homes. The science of feng shui equips its followers with a map, known as the Bagua map, to understand the denotation of each direction in the house. While trying to implement principles of feng shui at home, it is important to understand this map, which is an octagonal grid containing the ancient symbols of feng shui, and a clear indicator of the fact that each direction in a home has a unique effect on one's life.
While trying to make use of candles through feng shui, you need to understand a little about the fire element that this science professes. While all the elements of feng shui are interrelated, each one boasts of its own uniqueness. Fire energy is known to be the strongest during summer. The easiest way of acknowledging elements in feng shui is by adding color. Hence, we usually see gardens planned for this purpose. When flowers bloom beautifully, the energy in the environment reaches its peak. This is the only element which needs to be used with some discretion, as its overuse can result in unwanted negative repercussions.
Creative Ways to Use Candles in Feng Shui
There are many ways in which you can add aesthetic value to your home with candles. Placing them in a way for them to be used as a source of light, will not only be fashionable, but functional too. Here are a few ways in which you can use colorful candles to add the missing fire element in your living space.
Green Candle
Green Candle
Orange Candle
Orange Candle
Pink Candle
Pink Candle
Red Candle
Red Candle
White Floating Candles
White Floating Candles
Candles are an interesting way of adding light to a room. They are not only cost-effective, but also save energy. Candles add to the warmth of the decor, and provide perfect illumination. Thankfully, feng shui has given due importance to candles, beyond their aesthetic value. However, before you begin decorating your home with candles, you must pay careful attention to the markings on the Bagua map. For instance, candle placement in the north could bring prosperity in your career, while a northeast placement would result in gaining knowledge and understanding. On the other hand, the southeast can bring in more money and wealth.
Meaning of Each Direction According to Feng Shui
Direction Element Characteristics Color Scent
North Water Career Black Midnight
Northeast Water Knowledge Green or Blue Morning Rain
East Wood Health Green or Blue Eucalyptus
Southeast Wood Wealth Purple or Orange Lilac
South Fire Fame Red Apple or Cinnamon
Southwest Fire Relationships Pink or Yellow Potpourri
West Metal Creativity Creamy Ylang Ylang
Northwest Metal Helpful Gray or White Tropical Storm
Center Earth Peace Yellow, Brown, or Orange Sandalwood or Lemongrass
The other important factor to be considered is the color of the candles. According to feng shui, each color stands for an important aspect of life. Let's take a look at some candle colors and their meanings.
Meaning of Each Color in Feng Shui
Red: This color stands for passion, lust, health, energy, verve, vigor, and rekindling lost love.

Light Blue: This color symbolizes tranquility, peace, calm, clarity of thought, insight, perception, and thoughtfulness.

Midnight Blue: This blue denotes deep thinking and spiritual devotion. Using too much of this blue can make a person moody and slightly depressed. So, use it with care.

Yellow: This is the color of happiness, sunshine, and warmth. It helps in uplifting the mood, and stimulating thinking and cheerfulness.

Green: Green is the color of money, the wealth it generates, finances and successful businesses, good crops, and harvest.

Purple: This color represents nobility, wisdom, ability to understand others, a mental calm, and dignity.

Pink: Pink symbolizes romance, affection, and love.

Orange: This color symbolizes mental and physical energy, brainpower, encourages the mind to work better, and renders happiness.

Brown: Brown stands for strength and stability. It also promises growing prosperity.
To derive maximum benefit from the use of candles through feng shui, you need to understand the principles of this science thoroughly. You can add colorful candles to your living space, or pick a specific color theme to decorate the area. Make optimum use of candles by planning your interior decor in way that every item in it complements each other.