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Pocket Door Installation

Pocket Door Installation

Pocket doors are compact, easy to use, and not difficult to install. The following article gives information on how to install the same.
Sheeba Nambiar
Pocket doors are sliding doors which are different from the other types of sliding doors, wherein the door slides inside a pocket that is built into the wall. These doors not only provide more room space, but also save a lot of wall space that is normally occupied by swinging doors. These doors were used in the 1800's, but they wore off due to problems such as squeaking noises and doors jumping off the track. However, with new and improvised pocket doors and installation kits available in the markets, these have become a popular choice especially among those who live in small apartments or condos.

Installation of these doors is not as difficult as it may seem. Installing them in a new house is easier, as it does not require any alterations in the wall for fixing the pocket, the measurements can be checked in advance, and it can be fixed accordingly. If you want to replace an old door with a new pocket door, then a portion of the wall will have to be removed.

Installation process

Those looking to replace an existing door with a pocket door should consider doing so only during a major renovation or remodeling of the house. As the framing should be able to keep the sliding doors in both open and closed positions, it needs to be large enough to adjust the width of two doors.

Installation kits for these doors provide the measurements of the frame openings for the set of doors. If the measurements are not given in the kit, you can calculate them yourself. The formula is--double the width of the door plus an extra one inch. The top of the door also needs to be framed, so check if the framing is leveled.

The next step involves installing the tracks or rails and the header. You will require a hacksaw to cut the parts and fit them. Cut the tracks to fit, and also take the header. Using the brackets in the kit, install the header and the tracks. Attach one of the two sets of stiffeners to the header, and the second set at the center of the pocket framing. After this, install the door bumpers at the back of the pocket.

Painting the doors after installation will be difficult and will not yield good results. Hence, it is important to paint them beforehand. When the paint dries off, the door is ready to be mounted into the pocket. Place the doorplates on top of the door, and then slide the hangers on the rail or track. Hanging each door one after the other, slide them into the pocket. Check if they are well set into the tracks, and whether they slide into the wall smoothly. Over the frame opening, install the drywall using construction adhesive. Installing the door casings is the last step of this process.

Pocket door installation cost can range between $350 to $500, if done by a carpenter. If you have some carpentry experience and the essential tools, you can do it yourself, with the only expenses being the purchase of the kit.