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China Cabinet Display Ideas That'll Never Go Out of Style

China Cabinet Display Ideas
A china cabinet does more than just store your fancy china. When you use some unique display ideas, it becomes the center of attention in your dining space, and gives it an identity. Here are some ideas that will help create a stunning display.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: May 14, 2018
A china cabinet is an integral (though optional) part of dining room furniture. Of course, with the concept of one room living, a dining room per se has become obsolete. Yet, there are specific dining areas, and to give it the feel of a place where delicious meals are enjoyed, one may use a china cabinet. Now before you assume a china cabinet is just used to "stuff" your fancy china, there's a manner in which you can make it look visually appealing and attractive. Here's how.
When Displaying Items in a China Cabinet
Just like any design, the display of items in a china cabinet requires you to follow certain design principles, so that it becomes aesthetically pleasing. As such, there are some tips you should follow before you put up your display.
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Remember to aim for balance when you are putting up various items. It could be symmetrical or asymmetrical. You could use heavy items on the side, and lighter ones in between or vice versa; or you could go from heavy to light from one end of a shelf to the next.
Light Display
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Keep the display light and not too heavy on the eyes. Don't overcrowd it with too many things. Such an overbearing sight, particularly in a dining area, can be very disturbing.
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Ensure that your display is in accordance with the theme of the room in question, as well as the design of the china cabinet itself. Modern crockery displayed in an antique china cabinet will not look as great as fancy, elaborate china.
Color Scheme
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Finally, for greater appeal, create a color scheme that runs through your entire display. This again would be a part of the theme of the room. You don't want your cabinet to stick out like a sore thumb.
Ideas to Set Up a China Cabinet Display
Add a spark of color to your display by introducing a colored element among monochromatic elements.
Assign shelves for different items and balance the display by placing them appropriately.
Every shelf need not have a cluttered display. Space out your china for a more open, subtle look.
Use hooks to hang cups in your cabinet. These provide a break from the regular, stacked look that most china cabinets have.
Create an organized mess in your cabinet.
Keep it simple by creating a color scheme in your cabinet.
Additional Tips
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Use a variety of elements apart from the china to enhance the display. You could use those fake food display bottles, candles, candle holders, frames, and even artificial flowers to enhance the display. These add a dash of color along with design.
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A mirror at the back of the china cabinet against which the entire cabinet display will reflect, is a popular design style. This adds an interesting third dimension to the whole appearance. You have to ensure that the display is extremely neat in this case.
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If your china is plain, without prints or color, you may include other prints/textures in the display. For instance, instead of the mirror, use a wallpaper to cover the back of the cabinet. This idea is great if you have solid colored china in a solid colored cabinet.
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For an open china cabinet, use fabric to cover the shelves on display. Make use of old shawls and scarves to add texture to the overall display.
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You may include lights in the cabinet to highlight your china and add to the display of the cabinet, particularly on special occasions. If that seems difficult, make use of dim string lights below the shelves to light them up.
How you set up the display on your china cabinet boils down to your idea of visual appeal and your creativity, along with the theme of the rest of your dining room furniture. Don't go by the standard norms of display. Break those norms to create a masterpiece with knick-knacks all around you!
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