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Painting Tips for Small Rooms

Painting Tips for Small Rooms
Want your rooms to appear bigger and spacious? Well, you could carry home some painting tips for small rooms, through this article. Read on and make your tiny spaces look larger than they actually are.
Azmin Taraporewala
You sometimes feel cramped and corroded when you see yourself seated in a room that resembles a pigeon hole. Claustrophobia grabs you, chokes you and urges you to run out of the house. "How could I breathe, leave alone live in this house where things gouge out from all corners, leaving no space for free movement, thereby asseverating the appearance of cracks and crevices" You mumble.
I understand your state. I know how you wish your house could endure the Midas touch and become spaciously superlative. Well, this article will help 'you' do that. You could possess the Midas touch you have been waiting for, by applying some painting tips for small rooms. Sounds strange ... impossible? Read on to believe your eyes!
Rooms are living spaces and it is you who makes it live-able. Have you been to a house where you have found everything, right from the room, to the furniture, to the storehouse, spell 'space'? One reason could be the carpet area being larger when compared to the built up area of your house.
However, if the houses have the same carpet area and you still find your house strongly resembling a bird nest and your neighbors house being a humongous area, you ought to do something about it. A fact hard and heartening to digest, indeed! Another truth you must bear in mind is that the colors you employ to paint your rooms play an important role in making the rooms look and feel spacious. Small rooms especially, look even more crammed when they are painted with a choice of colors that is well, not meant to be used.
Painting Ideas for Small Rooms to Appear Spacious
Here are some painting tips for small spaces. Use these house painting ideas to create an illusion of your rooms being spacious and large. Here we go!
  • The first among the painting tips for small rooms is to use a tone to create a shade effect. Play with designs. You could use a light shade of paint to make vertical lines on the walls. This will make the room look bigger and feel brighter. Preferably, use a color that has two tones.
  • You could also resort to painting the furniture a shade darker than the one on your walls.
  • Change your room decor. Yes, a change in the room decor or simply changing the way the room looks, will add freshness to the room and make it appear all the more appealing and live-able.
  • Light colors do the perfect trick to make the room look open. This will allow the room to look brighter even on days when the weather is drab and gloomy to the core. One look at your walls may help you fight your blues!
  • For small rooms to look bigger, make use of eggshell paint. This paint oscillates between the glossy and the matte effects. A cozy paint to adorn your walls with!
  • Instead of making the room look larger, try to add that required volume to the room. For instance, if you have a fireplace, you could paint the area in a different color. This room painting idea will add character and help in defining the area, setting it apart from the rest of the room.
  • Painting small rooms to look bigger requires some amount of creativity and skills. So wear your creative caps and explore your home for some corners. Small houses do have corners that you could mold and play with to create an illusion of space. You could make the place all the more interesting by making the small room an extension of the larger one. Just paint the small room a shade or two darker or lighter than the larger room. A colorful contrast will make the space and your house look larger than it actually is.
  • Bathroom decor has been an interesting department for interior designers as there is an upsurge in the masses to make their bathing experience not just a mere necessity but pleasurable to the tee.
  • Painting tips for small bathrooms involve using different textures of paint. Sponge painting the bathroom wall is a technique that makes for a dramatic appearance of the bathroom, thus making the bathroom look spacious.
  • A bathroom painting idea is to use faux finish paint. This will add character and dimension to your bathroom walls.
I hope this article on painting tips has suggested some very interesting technique that you could use to create an illusion of vastness for your rooms. Go ahead, and paint your walls, for you ought to live in a house that looks, and feels larger than life!