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Jetted Bathtubs

Jetted Bathtubs

Talks about luxurious bathtubs can never be complete without mentioning jetted bathtubs. Continue reading to know the various types and features of these bathtubs.
Rutuja Jathar
Soaking up in a comfortable bathtub is one of the greatest luxuries you can indulge in, to relax and unwind after a tiring day at work. This really might be true as deep soaking bathtubs are a common element of most bathrooms these days. However, people now prefer bathtubs that come with jets, instead of regular bathtubs. Using machine aerated bathtubs for therapeutic purposes is a century-old tradition, which you can introduce in your own bathroom, by installing stylish, jetted bathtubs. As the name suggests, these bathtubs have built-in jets that gently massage your body while you soak up in the tub water.

Types of Jetted Bathtubs

As I mentioned earlier, a jetted bathtub is nothing but a bathtub with built-in jets placed in its interior. Other parts in this type of tub are: suction fitting, fitted pipes, overheat switch, lights, heater, and an overflow water pump. These jets steam water with great velocity and a constant, yet subtle force scrubs your body in a relaxing way. A jetted bathtub is also known by other names such as whirlpool tub, hot tub, etc. The best thing about these bathtubs is that you can control the water force; that's a customized body massage without a real masseuse! Steady water jets help in healing body aches, in relaxing body muscles, and in calming your mind. There are two types of jetted bathtubs: water and air bathtubs.

Water Jetted Bathtub
As their names suggest, these tubs use water jets to circulate water inside the bathtub. This circulation of water massages your body, better than the air bathtubs. Since water strongly circulates through the water jets, it increases and rather maintains high temperature levels of the tub water. Along with these positives, there are a few negatives of this type. Firstly, these bathtubs require a lot of maintenance, as far as cleaning and other maintenance drills are concerned. Secondly, due to cleaning complications, you can't take a bubble bath often. The best thing to do would be to look for bathtubs that come with self-cleaning features. A regular water jetted bathtub has 4–10 jets.

Air Jetted Bathtub
Instead of water, these bathtubs circulate air through the jets. The best thing about these bathtubs is that they are easy to clean and practically ideal for bubble baths. You can also use bath oils and salts that you can't use in water jetted tubs. However, these bathtubs have disadvantages of their own. For instance, the rate of water getting cold is higher in these types of bathtubs. Secondly, many people say that water jetted tubs are more beneficial than air jetted ones, when it comes to healing body aches and muscle pain. An air jetted bathtub has around 120 jets!

Water jetted bathtubs cost more than air jetted ones. It is very important that you determine how many times you will be using the bathtub and for what purposes. Zero in on a bathtub only after you've considered your needs, your preference, and the price.