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Painting New Drywall

Painting New Drywall
Wondering about painting the new drywall, but don't know the right procedure? Here are some useful tips on painting your new drywall and having great looking interiors.
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Painting a new drywall can be an interesting task if undertaken by the homeowners themselves. While there are professionals available for this task, you can easily perfecom it with a bit of know-how. All you need to do is follow the right procedure and tips on painting a new drywall. Apart from saving the cost of home improvement, you are sure to get the satisfaction doing it yourself. Here are some useful tips that will teach you all about painting drywall in the right way.
Prepare New Drywall Surface
Preparing surface of the drywall is a step that you cannot miss. This will ensure that you have the best results after painting the drywall. Many a time, there are small holes in the drywall, so check the entire wall. Also, check whether there are any exposed nails or some chips coming out. For the nails and chips, simply take a hammer and tap them. For fixing a hole in the drywall you can use sheetrock filler compound. After the procedure of filling the compound is done, wait for at least 30 minutes and go ahead.
Now you have to sand the drywall to ready its surface for painting. Take a fine grit sandpaper and sand the entire surface. This will level the drywall surface. Make sure that you use same pressure during entire drywall sanding exercise. For the borders, use a coarse grit sandpaper followed by a fine grit sandpaper.
Now clean the wall with a clean cotton rag to remove the dust particles left after sanding. Best to use a microfiber duster to do this task perfectly. Painting on a dusty surface will lead to an uneven and unattractive wall surface.
Priming the drywall is next important step of preparing it before painting. Priming ensures that the paint adheres well and lasts longer. A primer, specially formulated for drywall must be used. Apply it evenly and work from top to bottom. Let the primer dry completely before you start painting new drywall. The task of preparing new drywall for painting is finished. Now it's time to proceed with the interior painting job.
Painting the Drywall Surface
Start with the last step of drywall finishing, applying the paint. It is best to stick to the flat paint. Basically, with the flat paint, touch up work is most easier. Sheen paints do not touch up as easily as the flat paints do. Remember that higher the sheen, tougher is the task of touch up.
Take a roller and start applying a coat of flat paint. Work section by section and avoid overlapping. Remember that a single paint coat is not enough. You will need to have a second coat to give it a perfect look. You can use two more coats of low luster paints. Consider having eggshell sheen for a perfect looking drywall texture.
Remember to keep a gap of at least 24 hours between two coats. Make sure that the wall is completely dry before you go for the next coat. Most often, it happens that the drywall will look different after the paint dries off. So, whether you need more than 2 coats can be decided after the second coat dries off.
These were some drywall painting and finishing tips, which will help you have a wonderful looking space. Remember that the part of preparing drywall is of extreme importance to have a great looking drywall.
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