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Kneeling Chair Reviews

Kneeling Chair Reviews

The benefits attributed to the use of kneeling chairs are due to their ergonomic design. Their use can improve one's posture, and help alleviate back pain and pressure on the spinal cord. This article provides information on the features and cost of some of the models available in the market.
Shashank Nakate
When we sit on a normal chair, the angle between the knees is 90°. When we sit on a kneeling chair, the angle between the knees is between 60° to 70°. When you sit on such a chair, you do not kneel completely. The weight of the body falls partly on the knees, while the shins bear the remaining weight. Due to their ergonomic design, the kneeling chairs can help protect the spinal cord from damage that could be caused due to improper posture.

Reviews of Kneeling Chairs

It is an adjustable chair that could be used by people with heights ranging from 5 feet to 6 feet 8 inches. It offers a comfortable seating position and an adjustable back support. The lower back is positioned comfortably with this adjustable back support. It may not look attractive, however, it's one of the most comfortable options available in the market. One can purchase it at a price of USD 549.

Office Star
This product offers a solid memory foam knee pad. Seating is also made comfortable with memory foam. Using this, one can position his/her back in a natural way. The frame is made of wood. One can choose between mahogany and espresso. The product is priced at USD 99.

This chair is available in standard and deluxe variety. The former is operated manually, while the latter comes with a pneumatic gas lift. The Jobri F1420 is made with a steel frame, and painted in black color. A vertical support mounted on the rear side, helps in adjusting the height. Seat height can be adjusted from 21-28.5 inches. It is designed to bear a maximum weight of 280 lbs. The deluxe variant is priced at USD 199, while the standard is much cheaper.

Varier Variable Balance Chair
This chair provides users with control over the way they want to sit. It allows them to sit in 6 different positions. Shins and thighs are relieved off the pressure, when a person is sitting in these positions. Two types are available in the market: The first type comes with a backrest, while the other is backless. The frame is made of natural wood. It is a portable, as it weighs only 13 lbs. This product costs USD 395.

This chair helps in maintaining a correct posture and fits in a small space. Its frame is made of metal (aluminum). It comes with rollers and facilitates easy forward and backward movement. It's priced around USD 144.

KCM1425 Office Star
Important features of KCM Office Star include, a 5 star base with casters, memory foam seating, knee pads, and one touch lever for seat adjustment. The thickness of the seat is 3.25 inches, while the depth and width are 13.75 and 17 inches respectively. The knee pad has a thickness, depth, and width of 3.25, 12.5 and 16.5 inches respectively. It costs USD 95.

The different products available provide us with many options to choose from. Thus, reviewing and comparing the products is helpful before taking a decision.