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Padded Toilet Seats

Padded Toilet Seats

As the name rightly suggests, padded toilet seats are cushioned ones that are meant for extra comfort. Go through this article to know more about this bathroom accessory.
Sonia Nair
Conventional toilet seats are usually made of plastic, porcelain, and wood. However, what they lack is comfort, as they can be so cold and hard, that you may not want to use it at times. Padded or cushioned toilet seats are meant to enhance the comfort level of the user.


First of all, you must understand that toilet seats, which are also referred to as toilet seat covers, are not toilet lids that are meant for closing the commode. You may infer the utility of the product from the name itself. As the name rightly suggests, these toilet seats are cushioned for providing comfort to the user. Some models are exclusively made of cushioning materials, whereas others are regular toilet seats attached with some sort of padding.

Some models come with heating elements, so that the seat remains warm for the user. So, those who hate to use those cold and hard toilet seats, can resort to this product. It is also claimed to be useful for those, who develop numbness of legs, while sitting on a commode. This is primarily due to weak circulation, as hard toilet seats can cause pressure on the arteries that supply blood down the thighs. It is said that a padded toilet seat relieves such pressure, thereby preventing numbness of legs. Padded toilet seat covers can be beneficial for those with back pain and bursitis.

Apart from providing comfort, padded toilet seats can add up to the looks of your bathroom. You may also go for the decorative versions with different colors and designs. They are also available in elongated and round designs. You may also go for those with matching lids. Padded toilet seats are also durable and easy to clean. Some of the brands come with anti bacterial guard, so that the toilet seat remains germ-free. You may also find certain types with padded hand rests and corrosion-free toilet seat hinges. Even disposable padded toilet seat covers are available in the market.

Maintenance Tips

If you want to extend the durability of your padded toilet seat, you have to maintain it in the proper manner. First of all, make sure that the toilet seat you buy is from a reputed manufacturer, and is of good quality. The model you choose must be capable of holding your weight. It has been noted that most of the models are meant for holding a weight of around 250 pounds. If the toilet seat is regularly used by a highly obese person, then it has to be changed more frequently. Proper installation of the seat is also vital for its durability. If the cover gets loose, tighten it at the earliest. You must also make sure to keep the lid closed, every time you use the seat. This prevents exposure of the padded toilet seat to chemicals in hair sprays, deodorants, etc. You must also wipe it with disinfectants, at regular intervals. It will be better to follow the manufacturer's instructions, if there are any.

In short, padded toilet seats can be a useful, as well as an aesthetic addition to your bathroom. Get a soft padded toilet seat and feel the difference. It will be better to take a look at the different brands and models, before choosing the right one.