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Concrete Floor Paint Reviews to Help You Make the Right Choice

Concrete Floor Paint Reviews
Are you thinking of painting the concrete floor in your basement? If that is so, you can find the best one from the concrete floor paint reviews in this article.
Aparna Jadhav
When you have a concrete floor, either indoors or in the garage, it is always advisable to get it painted. Usually, the paints that are used for such floors are made from latex, but nowadays, there are various manufacturers that have come up with one and two-part epoxy paints as well. The motive of painting the floor is to make it resistant to gasoline, oils, and various other chemicals which can lead to damage and reduce its life. It also makes the floor durable and gives an aesthetic touch to the surroundings. You can use these paints for flooring in garages, porches, basements, and concrete patios. In the next few paragraphs, you will read some reviews of concrete floor paints, that will give you an idea about which one to go for.
When concrete is used to make floors for garages, basements, and other outdoors, it is so because it is a very durable material for construction. The ingredients in this mixture make it one of the most widely used man-made construction materials for buildings, walls, houses, etc. Because of these properties of this material, it is also one the most trusted for its purposes in home improvement. Adding some color to this material externally by painting is a great way of improving its visual appeal. Here are reviews for a few specific paints made by a number of popular manufacturers.
Epoxy Shield - 225381 1G Tint Bs Floor Paint
This product by Rustoleum is sold at a price of USD 32.59 and weighs about 12 pounds. It consists of an acrylic base and involves a one-coat coverage. It is resistant to chemicals, hot tire, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions. The durability of this paint is interior as well as exterior, and can be cleaned with soap and water. Thus, it is called the "shield" paint. There are many colors manufactured by this company that can be used to make your floor look more attractive.
Drylok - 21313 1G Gull Drylok Floor Paint
Another very popularly used shades is United Abrasives's Drylok Floor Paint. This is sold for USD 29.21, weighs about 11.5 pounds, and has many other features better than the other paints. Like the product mentioned above, this one also can be used for garage floors, staircases, and basements. The paint is very user-friendly, can be cleaned with soap and water, and resists moisture to a very large extent. It is non-flammable when used on wood. There are other paint colors too produced by this manufacturer that are known to be a dependable choice for durability.
Quikrete Basement & Concrete Floor Paint
This product is manufactured by the Quikrete, sold at a price of USD 149.99. This paint is available in a gallon. It is also resistant to washing and to chemicals used in the soaps, thus also resistant to scuffing. The uniqueness of this paint lies in the satin finish that it gives when applied on the floors. It has a low gloss, making the end result look very natural and elegant. The latex enamel base has a low odor, and it is because of this base that the paint is resistant to washing and scuffing. There is a heavy-duty resin technology that is used to give the floor maximum adhesion and to protect it.
These were reviews for some of the best paints meant for concrete floors. All these products are durable and dependable, so you can pick the one that is most convenient for you.
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