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Murphy Bed Desk

Marvelous Ideas of Murphy Bed Desks That You Should NOT Overlook

Murphy beds are a big hit and so are the various versions on this flying or wall bed. You can check out the Murphy bed desks designs available in the market today which are not only useful but highly creative pieces. Here are the details of best design plans in these.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018
Murphy beds are amongst the most popular types of space saver furniture items. When it comes to decorating your home with space saver and smart furniture pieces, these beds definitely top the list. With their highly versatile designs and classy features you can bring in the sleeping comfort to the smallest room. Apart from the wonderful Murphy wall bed designs which are already a hit in the market you also find the creative Murphy bed desks ruling the market of space saver and compact furniture these days.
If you are picking furniture for a study room, home office or kids' room, and if space is a constraint, why not add one of these wondering pieces and have a bed as well as your workspace fitted in the same unit? So let us look at some designs in modern desks which you can consider while getting one for your room.
Variety of Plans to Invest In
Computer Desk
Computer desks which work extremely well and consist of flying bed are amongst the best pieces to get in study rooms, home offices and small bedrooms. The structure basically consists of a frame in which the flying bed fits in when kept closed. Now this is often a standalone structure. But you can also make it wall mounted if the same fits in your room design plan. Well, wondering what about the placement of computer and its hardware.
There are about 2 horizontal and wide table tops fixed one below another, to the back side of this bed. So while you keep the bed closed, you can access the desktop and other hardware which is placed on these two table tops. Now these tops come with an angled fixture so that they can slide down in same horizontal position when you open the flying bed.
Kids' Desk
Kids' desk need not be too large. A bed which also serves as an added desk to place and play games or do some art and craft work is just a wonderful add-on to their room. While the basic structure and working will be similar to the computer desk mentioned above, you need make a few changes in its look. While you get a Murphy desk bed for kids' room, it has to be finished in colors like white, pink, blue, red, orange, etc. Also, make arrangements to hang certain plush toys to the bed frame so that it can be decorated according to your kid's taste. Adding a matching chair needs no mention. The structure will be used by kids hence, it is better to look for lightweight alternative. Make sure that you assist your kids for opening and closing the piece.
Office Desk
These consist of a full-fledged desk arrangement, a bit simpler version of desks placed in offices. These are quite a big investment but definitely worth the cost as they offer you a well-designed and larger workspace and also a larger size of flying bed. You can have similar study desk which is large enough to be shared by 2-3 kids. Usually a horizontal table top extends from the back side of the bed which has a single vertical support. Both if these later wind up and slide down when you take down the flying bed for sleeping or relaxing. It is a good idea to have a bookcase frame for the flying bed. In this case as you can store your books or office essentials in the cabinets provided in the bed frame.
Buying the Murphy desk beds definitely need some research. Find a good dealer or manufacturer for the same, who has been selling or making these wall beds for years. You can order a piece and get it designed to match your taste. Though the cost much more than regular beds, they are worth the price due to their multifunctional features and truly compact design.