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How to Decorate With Area Rugs

How to Decorate With Area Rugs: Ideas to Make Your House Beautiful

The following article suggests tips on how to enhance the look of your house with area rugs...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Whether it is your living room, bedroom, foyer, patio or kitchen, you can place an area rug anywhere, to transform its look! Area rugs can add character to any space in the house. Although, with so many designs, shapes, patterns, colors and materials available, choosing the right area rug may seem like an uphill task. Even if you do find an interesting looking rug, you might not know how to decorate the room with it! So, to help you out, suggested below are some creative decorating ideas using area rugs.

Decorating Ideas With Area Rugs
  • Decide on the budget of the area rug, depending upon its usage. Do you want something that is a permanent feature in your house or a rug which you can change every couple of years? Depending upon this make an investment in the rug.
  • If you plan to keep the area rug at such a place which is going to be frequented by people a lot more than usual, it is advised that you choose rugs made from durable fabrics. Woolen rugs are any day superior in quality as compared to the synthetic rugs.
  • If you are placing the area rug under the dining table, purchase a rug that is around four feet more than the size of the dining table. This will give enough space to the chairs to be pulled out, without any kind of discomfort.
  • While choosing an area rug for a room, look around carefully. Do you feel that the room already has a lot of color and pattern due to the wallpapers and the upholstery. Does the room has a number of small decoration pieces and wall hangings? If yes, then go in for a plain area rug, cause if you put an intricately patterned one in the room, it will make the room look cluttered. Also, if the room is small, go in for rugs with small patterns, as it will make it appear bigger.
  • The color of the rug should coordinate with the colors used in the room. If the room size is small, go in for a lighter shade. Lighter colors give the illusion of a larger space. At the same time, if you have a large room or the furniture in the room that is made of dark wood, go in for darker, bolder shades, to complement the look.
  • For large rooms, a very interesting concept is to break up the space into two by using two area rugs. For instance, if you have a large bedroom, you can place an area rug right in front of your bed. In the same room, if you have a separate reading space, you can demarcate that area further by placing another attractive area rug there.
  • An interesting way to decorate the living room with a rug is to choose one which is round in shape. You can place it right in the middle of the room and create a unique focal point. Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and Indian "dhurries", which have some very unique designs and patterns on them, will never ever fail to attract the attention of any guest that comes to your house.
  • If you have a decorative lamp or an accent table and you want to draw attention towards it, simply place a small area rug underneath it!
  • One trend that is fast gaining popularity is to hang small area rugs on the walls, like paintings and other wall décor. So, if you want to experiment with your interior décor a bit, you can consider this option.
  • Area rugs can be used to hide any kind of imperfections on the floor. So, if the floor is broken or faded or stained at any place, simply keep an area rug over it!
  • To ensure that the area rug does not get dirty, always leave some space between the edges of the rug and the walls. Ideally it should be around three feet. This way, your rug will not be overused and at the same time, if there are any nearby doors, they can be closed and opened without any hitch.
  • Do not place the area rug directly on the floor. Place it over an underlay. This will help in preventing wear and tear on the rug as well as absorb the noise in the room.
  • Do not put rugs at such places which receive direct sunlight. This can fade them and make them lose their beauty. Also, keep on rotating the rugs, after every few months, to ensure that if there is any wear and tear, it occurs evenly on the carpet.
Once you have placed the area rug, maintaining and cleaning it is very important so that it retains its newness for a long time. So, vacuum your area rugs every week to ensure that they never go back on their promise of lending warmth, comfort and beauty to your interiors!
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