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Modern Shower Tub Combo Design Ideas

Modern Shower Tub Combo Design Ideas
A modern shower tub combo is perfect for those who only like to be surrounded by minimalist designs, with simple and clean lines. Numerous such shower tub combo designs have been created to cater such tastes, and this article talks about some of these.
Puja Lalwani
Imagine a bathroom where you are offered the combined luxury of a shower enclosure and a bathtub, even with little space. Imagine the convenience of being able to take a shower in your bathtub without the need for a shower curtain, or the fear of splashing water outside the tub. Paints a beautiful picture doesn't it? This is the beauty offered by the modern shower tub combos that provide luxury and practicality of a bathtub and a shower enclosure respectively, in a small bathroom.
Design Ideas for Shower Tub Combos
A shower tub combo is a combination of a bathtub and a shower enclosure so that you can choose from either whenever necessary. For instance, a quick shower before you head to work and a pleasurable, long bath after you return to ease the muscles is probably what you are looking for. These are what modern shower tub combos offer you.
While a number of traditional and elaborate designs are available out there, if you are someone who likes clean lines and simplicity, then it is the modern shower tub combo that is most suitable for you. There are numerous designs that are available in this combination, and these have been mentioned below.
One popular design is that of the rectangular shower tub combo. While the standard width of a regular tub is around 2-6", a shower enclosure requires more space. As such, there are numerous designs where the area that is meant to be the shower enclosure juts out slightly. This may be a circular extension, or a linear one. In some designs, the extension starts right from one corner of the bathtub in an angular form so that towards the end, the shower enclosure is wide enough to be showered in. These modern designs are absolutely perfect for those who love interior spaces designed around this theme.
Another great idea is that of a shower enclosure that is distinct from the bathtub, and is divided from it by means of a glass door. This means if two of you wish to use the tub and shower simultaneously, it is most convenient to do so!
Finally, for smaller spaces, the corner shower tub combo is extremely perfect as it requires much lesser space. Here again, one portion of the corner is covered with a glass panel so that there is no splashing of water outside the bathing area. If you do have a larger space, you can get a bigger corner tub, big enough for two, so that you can enjoy a bath together every once in a while.
The aforementioned designs are ones that are available outside, but you can also create unique shower tub combo designs yourself. For instance, if you already have a bathtub installed, all you need to do is get a rain shower head for the ultimate bathing experience. Make use of some unique bathtub enclosures to cordon off the shower area, and indulge in the luxury of a shower tub combo.
A lot of us like our bathrooms to be as well designed as any of our rooms. However, when getting such a combination for your bathroom, make sure it fits in well. Since it is a modern combination, the design of the bathroom should complement it. The tub can be of colors such as black, red, gray, green, navy blue, etc.
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