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Metal Roofing Prices

Metal Roofing Prices

People nowadays go for different styles of roofing. The purpose is simply to add to the beauty of our rooms. Roofing system can be done in two ways, namely with metal (metal roofing system) or tiles (tile roofing system). Given below is an elaboration on different metal roofing prices, to help you in getting a better deal.
Benhur Soans
Recently, one of my neighbors renovated his house. Some home improvements that they made were simply astonishing. One of the astounding meliorations was the metal roofing, that gave a completely different attire to the house. I thought that he must have invested a handsome amount for the corrugated metal roofing, but when I heard the metal roofing prices and its benefits, I could not believe my ears and planned one for myself too.
Here is the brief elaboration of the things that I learned and thought of sharing, making it a cake walk for you.
Advantages of Metal Roofing
  • Light weight
  • Durability
  • Energy efficient
  • Design flexibility
  • Fire and Spark resistance
  • Long-lasting nature
  • Recyclable nature
  • Labor efficient
Different Types of Metals used in Metal Roofing
  • Corrugated galvanized iron
  • Galvanized steel
  • Zinc, aluminum, silicon coated steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Metal tile sheets
  • Stone coated steel
  • Inverted Box Rib (IBR)
  • Aluminum
Since we are now done dealing with all these aspects, we are now in a suitable position to start a check on the factors that affect the metal roofing prices and the various aspects that we need to consider.
Metal Roofing Prices
Metal Roofing Types Approximate Cost Per Square in USD  Attractive Features
Basic Installation Total
G 90 Galvanized Steel inter-locking Shingle Roofing 750.00 Variant 750.00 and above • 50 year limited manufacturer warranty
• 30 year limited paint coating warranty
• "A" Fire rating
Stone Coated Steel Roofing 400.00 1000.00 1400.00 and above • Class 4 Hail Warranty
• At least 120 MPH Wind Uplift
• "A" Fire rating
Inter-Locking Aluminum Shingle Roofing 425.00 900.00 1325.00 and above • Lifetime Warranty
• Long-lasting roof compared to Steel Roofing
Aluminum Standing Seam Roofing 500.00 1100.00 1600.00 and above • Lifetime Warranty
• Long-lasting roof compared to Steel Roofing
Asphalt Shingle Roofing 200.00 250.00 450.00 and above Including
• Tear off and Clean up
• One chimney flashing

As on date, an average metal roofing cost may range between $750.00 - $1600.00 for medium quality. Expenses and cost differ from region to region.
Metal Roofing Types for Businesses Approximate Cost Per Square in USD Features
Basic Installation Total
Standing Seam Metal Roofs 1000.00 Variant 1500.00 and above • Limited Warranty
Flat Roof Replace with IB Roofing 400.00 500.00 900.00 and above • Lifetime Warranty
• 30% thicker than other roofing materials
• Tear off of one layer of the old roofing

Rates are subject to changes depending upon the location, type of building, type of the roof system being installed, type of the roofing material used and length of the warranty provided.
Few Metal Roofing
Sheet Brands
Area for
Galvanized Painted Necessary
Estimate in USD
Grand Rib 3, 26 Gauge 2000 Sq.ft.       2540.00
Grand Rib 3, 29 Gauge 2000 Sq.ft.       1800.00
Mighti Rib, 26 gauge 2000 Sq.ft.       2400.00
2 1/2 Corrugated 29 Gauge 2000 Sq.ft.       1680.00
1 1/2 SSR 16 Standing Seam 24 gauge 2000 Sq.ft.       6460.00
Other Metal Roofing
Sheet Brands
Area for
Estimate in USD
AshtonWood Steel Shingles 2000 Sq.ft.     4360.00
StoneCrest Slate Steel Shingles 2000 Sq.ft.     4360.00
Villa Tile Stone Coated Steel 2000 Sq.ft.     5840.00
Shake XD Stone Coated Steel 2000 Sq.ft.     5560.00
Factors that Affect Pricing
You need to have an in-depth knowledge of the product for understanding its price. Metal roofs, nowadays, don't bear that old-fashioned look. They have vivid colors and are present in various styles. But these are not the only aspects that will matter in determining the price of the materials. You need to check other features like the longevity of the roof, etc. Let us deal with all these factors one by one.
Roof Area: It is not required to mention the contribution of the roof area in increasing the price of the metal roof. The larger the roof area, more is the price. It is generally calculated on a per square foot basis. The total metal roof panel price will be a product of the per square foot cost of the metal roof panel, multiplied by the roof area.
Metal Roof Material Prices: In the recent past, new metal roofing materials have been introduced in the market. These materials are far more durable, fire resistant and have better radiation reflection properties than the traditional materials that were used in the past. The materials are generally mixed compositions of steel and aluminum. Copper and other metal alloys are also used sometimes. It is also a common trend that metal roof material manufacturers, nowadays, manufacture materials with a variety of factory-finished granulated stone top coats. Of all the materials that are used for metal roofing, copper is perhaps the costliest. The cost of alloy materials used for metal roofing, depends on the type of metals used. However, aluminum is the most used material for roofing. Its non corrosive nature is what makes it an ideal material for metal roofing. But, the metal roofing cost for installing steel or aluminum metal roofs increases, because they require extra coating material.
Longevity and Durability: This is another important factor. Check for the longevity and durability of the material. It is a well-known fact that copper, steel and aluminum are the most durable materials. However, if you are using an alloy, do confirm about the durability of that material, from a professional metal roofing service provider.
Hope the factors given above will prove to be of some help in deciding your metal roofing prices. Before going for the buy, consider all options like its prices as sheet metal roofings have gained a considerable market in recent times. Go in for a splendid metal roof and stay assured, that it can very well last for a lifetime!