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Log Home Construction Guide

Log Home Construction Guide

Log homes were introduced to the world by the Europeans in the 17th century. Since its introduction, the idea has become quite popular, and is the preferred type of housing for many people. Read on to know more about building it...
Prashant Magar
The mere mention of log home evokes a sense of romanticism associated with a scenic natural space. It is mostly associated with an exotic location in movies. However, the Americans also used logs to build public utilities like schools, barns, gristmills, and a variety of outdoor structures. The American log-building culture is largely derived from the Scandinavian and Russian influences.

The quest to build a log home begins with the choice of a producer. Such homes are still a popular demand, and there are a lot of companies to cater to the people's needs. Factors to be considered before starting the actual construction are the associated costs, location, mortgage rates, and financing options.

Before Getting Started Always Check
  • Are you ready to manage the project?
  • Are you ready to face inspections, weather problems, and permit issues?
  • Will the everyday life of your family be affected during the course of work?
Doubts related to such issues would definitely be cleared by a good construction company specializing in log homes. Always ensure clarity on these matters.


The residence can be a luxurious setting in the mountains or a simple home complete with the basic living amenities; there is a flexibility of choice.

Wood is the essence of a log home. It gives us the feel of being one with nature, yet protects us against the hot or cold weather. Due to the insulating properties of wood, These homes stay warm in winter and cool in summer. There are two types, depending on the wood―handcrafted and milled. Handcrafted homes are made up of natural logs. These are not given finishing touches, and retain their crude appearance. Milled or processed ones are run through lot of processes and machines, where the logs are shaped according to the requirement. It is a complex arrangement of logs interlocked in different styles. The design and structure can be categorized into styles, such as:
  • Scandinavian full scribe: Naturally shaped and smoothly peeled logs are custom-fitted to each other in this type of homes.
  • Flat-on-flat: Logs are flattened on the top and bottom, and stacked in a predefined style.
  • Milled tongue and grove systems: In this structure, logs are aligned together and considered as a single unit.
  • Tight pin butt and pass method: This format includes vertical pairs of logs fastened with load bearing pins.
Before Construction
  1. Choose your location wisely. It should be in harmony with the design idea, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. You may visualize nature as your hometown, and your house as a landmark in it, though it sounds a bit cheesy.
  2. Make an informed selection of the various materials required, especially wood. Milled logs are preferable, as they save time and cost of construction. There is a very little maintenance cost associated with such homes. Hence, avoid compromise on the quality of material.
  3. Attend log home shows and exhibits to know about the latest trends emerging in the market. Take some time to learn about different methods of building log homes. There may be some detail that you don't know yet, but perfectly fits your particular demands.
  4. Choose the best time to build, working together with the designers. A design consultant is the best choice to start working on such a project. The designer will help in checking and assessing various possibilities and constraints.
  5. Let your creativity take shape in the form of a dream home. Except a few mandatory adjustments, stick to the original plan, and avoid unnecessary last minute alterations and thus consequent delays.
Why Own a Log Home?

These homes are one of the most creative aspects of modern-day living. It is a tradition dating back many years but still in demand for its pleasant lifestyle. All over the world, we find beautiful log homes nestled in the lap of nature. There is a great structural value for these solid foundations. These are always in demand and also a good value for money in case of a sale. Living in such a home is a rejuvenating experience. The serenity prevailing all around will definitely bring peace to our mental and physical faculties.

All in all, investing in a log home is one of the best decisions you will ever make, but only if you remain involved in the process till the end. Have fun!