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Lodge Decorating Ideas

Lodge Decorating Ideas
A lodge offers a cozy and comfortable ambiance, just perfect for you to unwind after a week's hard work. Read on to know how to induce just such an atmosphere...
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
After toiling through work really hard throughout the week, all of us look forward to unwind a bit on weekends. Some of us go on camping trips, some play sports, while some seek solace in nearby mountain ranges. However, for those of us for whom neither of this is possible, or indeed attractive, we can bring the serenity of forests and mountains to our own homes. How, you ask? With the help of a lodge or a log cabin. A lodge can be your own lair, where you can escape the hustle-bustle of the city and steal some quiet moments with your loved ones. Obviously, you have to put in some efforts to make your den look like a mountain retreat.

Some Helpful Tips

Paint and Flooring
Wood flooring is undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to lodge decor. If you have the entire cabin built in logs or wooden planks, then you won't have to bother about the color of the paint. However, if you want to paint the walls, always go for earthy shades like brown, bottle green, olive green, etc., as these shades truly depict the character of the forest. Moreover, these colors also render a much welcome coziness to the room. If you want to go for brighter shades, then you may go for hues of yellow and orange, the colors of fall. Wooden flooring should be covered with rugs or carpets with bold prints. Animal skin rugs would suit the ambiance perfectly.

Drapes and Beddings
Drapes and beddings should preferably be made out of sturdy materials like cotton or canvas. Delicate fabrics, like silk and satin, are best avoided. The earthy color scheme should be followed for linen and drapes as well. Animal prints look great for bedspreads as well as drapes. Thick, handmade quilts in rusty shades can protect you from the cold while still exhibiting the rawness of nature. The favorite design patterns for drapes is bold prints or gingham plaids. Gingham plaids particularly look great in the kitchen.

Accessories and Furniture
Rustic, sturdy furniture is a must in your log cabin. Log-legged tables and knobbly wooden chairs complete the look of a log cabin. Choose furniture in neutral or earthy shades. Adorn the walls with pine wreaths or animal skin handicrafts. You may also choose to display your rifle collection in a glass or wooden showcase, which could serve as a focal point of your sitting room. If your visitors can stand the sight of a head of an elk or a wild goat mounted on wall, you may showcase your hunting talent as well.

This Wouldn't Go Amiss
  • Built a large rocky fireplace to snuggle during winters. If that is not possible, place a pot-bellied iron stove in your sitting room.
  • Pluck some fresh wild flowers and put them in a vase in the sitting room. You may also hang a handful of dried flowers on the walls.
  • Place some fresh wild berries and local fruits in a bowl on the kitchen table.
  • A bubbling rock fountain along with some natural foliage can reflect the essence of the forest.
  • Other ideas include hanging antler chandeliers and wood lampshades, which will look perfectly at home in your lodge.
I hope the ideas given in this article help you to create your own mountain retreat, where your friends and family would love to come back. You may also follow a theme, such as hunting or fishing, throughout your lodge decor.
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